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5 Memorable Theme Party Ideas

There’s nothing like a theme party to captivate your guests.  Who doesn’t want to relive one’s past or step back in time? 

Fortunately, such parties are possible with the help of shops that offer costume rentals, party supplies, and retro accessories.

5 Memorable Theme Party Ideas

To get you started, here are five theme party ideas.

The Roaring 20s Party

If you need inspiration, why not watch the movie “Great Gatsby? Recapture the glamour of parties hosted by Jay Gatsby – complete with fedora feathers, dance floors, gold candelabras, cigar-rolling station, and the iconic yellow vintage car.

Recreate the 1920s scenes with party supplies.  Cascading lights are in the ceilings.  Display cutout silhouettes of gangsters and guests.  Women don bob wigs, headbands, and knee-high black stockings while men wear 1920s hats and bow ties.

Check out these famous gangsters – Al Capone, John Dillinger, and Machine Gun Kelly.  Set up photo props and let guests act as their favorite gangsters, complete with gun holster holders.

The 1950s Rock and Roll Era

Remember the popular songs of Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra? Why not have lip-sync contests with an inflatable jukebox rock instrument?  Complete the 1950s look with mustaches, fedora hats, and nerd glasses. 

John Travolta fans will love Grease cutouts.  Use a banana split to recreate diner scenes. Your favorite party supplies store will have these.

The Hippie 1960s

The 1960s reminds us of the Woodstock Music Festival and the free-love movement. Search party supplies for groovy love balloons and “peace sign” banners. Dress up everyone with hippie vests and retro min-flowers buttons.  Take everyone’s photo on a “feeling groovy” 60’s scene setter wall.  

Disco Fever of the 1970s 

Bring back the songs of the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, and Donna Summer.  Play some 70’s disco greatest hits and decorate the party with cutout disco balls, disco couple photos, and hanging swirls. Get some disco boogie squares from your party supplies to create a backdrop.

The Retro 80s

For a theme party of the 80s, you need to play the songs of today’s music icons like Michael Jackson, Air Supply, Prince, U2, and Bon Jovi.  Get out the cassette players, if you can still find out. If not, search your party supplies for cutouts of headphones and cassette players.  Ask the ladies to dress up in legwarmers, side ponytails, shoulder pads, and some 80s buttons.

With this era are arcade games like Pac-man, Galaga, and Frogger. So take photos behind photo prop arcade games.

Parties with a theme are more exciting

These are five exciting eras for theme parties. Have you ever wondered why people are more likely to say yes to a theme party?

For one, preparing for outfits is exciting. Recreating the clothes, make-up, and accessories of that era are excellent bonding sessions. Another thing, the theme itself is already a good conversation starter.

Third, the party décor and food bring out the creativity of hosts.  Kudos to the party organizers who scouted for the perfect party supplies.   

Lastly, dressing up from a past era gives you the chance to be someone else, at least for a few hours.  Or, if you grew up from that era, it brings you back to your youth.

So, go ahead and plan for your next theme party.  It does not have to be an era. You can choose to have a cultural-themed party like Mexico or Hawaiian.  Or, re-create the Hollywood awards night or any game show. Stretch your creativity – it’s fun!

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