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How to Customize Your Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

The most significant asset of any organization is its personnel. The employees are the real engine that drives the company forward, and they must be motivated to perform their tasks at the very best of their abilities.

Unfortunately, not all organizations realize the importance of inspiring their staff to do more. A survey ran by InSync and the Australian HR Institute showed that only 22% of employees in the country think that their organization is correctly using their human resources. In the same survey, 9 in 10 wished that their companies should have adopted measures to maximize their human assets.

How to Customize Your Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

It would then be easy to give all sorts of incentives, accolades, and perks to your employees. After all, a survey in Canada showed that 6 in 10 workers think rewards and recognition can go miles ahead to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

With that said, you can automate the system by using a reputed employee reward and recognition software like Redii.

However, adopting a one-size-fits-all approach might not be the best solution for your organization. You must personalize rewards and recognition programs so that the employees will cherish it more.

Here Are Some Ways to Do It

Collect Feedback

Get the inputs of your employees so that you can customize the rewards and incentives that suit each of their respective preferences. While a plaque might seem the safe choice, not everyone will appreciate such a gesture. While most employees would not refuse a cash bonus, some people may want an Amazon gift card, or an overnights stay at a nearby resort.

Personalized Merchandise

Company merchandise is a good and inexpensive way to recognize everybody, and not just those who met the goals the company has set for them. A mug with the company’s logo and probably a photograph of the employee is a nice gift to make them understand that their efforts are appreciated. But make sure to put their name on the item.

A Public Announcement or Private Meeting

Another way to personalize your rewards and recognition system is to know the personalities of your employees. Some workers are too shy to be acknowledged in front of everybody. As such, the best route of action would be to call them to the CEO’s office for personal recognition. Meanwhile, some employees would have no problem being called to the stage during a company meeting.

Instant or Delayed Gratification

You can give your employees a choice on whether they would like a smaller reward right away or a bigger bonus later on? On the upside, it will teach the value of patience. Just make sure the bigger reward is worth the effort.

Nevertheless, make sure that the winning employees should be recognized on the company’s intra-email network or Facebook page. Make a digital poster for employees of the month and upload it on your social media so that they have something to strive for.

Implementing a reward and recognition system in your organization should not be complicated. For instance, with the help of recognition software like Redii, you can automate the entire process. You can also rate the effectiveness of your program so that you can institute changes on the fly. By fine-tuning the process, you can create a roadmap of success for your company.

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