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What to Expect on Your First Meeting with Your Car Accident Attorney

Lakeland, a city in Polk Country, Florida, lies along the busy Interstate 4. This bustling town is part of the Tampa Bay Area and boasts of several tourist attractions. The local government continues to provide a safe area for locals and tourists through vigorous law enforcement and improved roads.

However, there are still car accidents caused by drunk or distracted drivers. If you find yourself, in this situation, it would be best to seek the services of a car accident attorney in Lakeland. Your attorney will help you reach an ideal settlement while you heal from the physical and emotional trauma of your accident.

Car Accident Attorney
Car Accident Attorney

Once you have chosen the best lawyer that you are comfortable with, the next step would be to schedule the first meeting. Here are the things that you can expect on that fateful day. 

A Chance to Explain the Facts

You may have talked to your lawyer over the phone about the underlying circumstances surrounding your accident. But it would help if you still met personally to provide a more detailed explanation. It would be best to give a blow-by-blow account and give specific details as much as possible. Include time, measurements, and actual conversations. 

If representatives from the insurance company already kept in touch with you, tell your car accident attorney in Lakeland the details of your conversation. Also include discussions about the accident that you had with family, friends, and the authorities. Remember also to provide your car and health insurance coverage information.  

Prepare to Present Your Documents

Your lawyer will expect you to bring crucial documents about the accident. These include medical bills, photographs, the police report, car repair estimates, correspondence from the insurance company, and insurance claims if you have filed them already. Make sure that you have duplicate copies of the documents.

Be Confident to Share Everything

Your meeting with your lawyer is a safe place for you to share everything without judgment. That is why it is essential to choose an attorney that you are comfortable with. Do not withhold any information, no matter how embarrassing they are. Bear in mind that keeping details from your lawyer might hurt your case and may backfire. At this point, you do not have to worry about giving out this information since the attorney-client privilege protects you. 

Providing incomplete or fabricated information will eventually come back to haunt you. It will waste not only time but precious money as well.

Remember that your attorney is there to help you, and he will be your ally in claiming the settlement that you deserve.

Signing of Documents

Once you finally decide on getting the services of your lawyer, you will sign several documents. Read them thoroughly and ask questions for clarification. These documents include a representation agreement, a fee agreement, and other materials that will allow your attorney to represent you in any legal proceeding. You will also sign a medical release so your lawyer will have access to your medical records.

A car accident is an experience that changes the lives of people. Their daily lives and careers are often put on hold. A reliable attorney will help you rebuild your life. All you need to do is to cooperate and prepare for the road ahead.

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