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How to Choose a Tennis Skirt

The success of women’s tennis has expanded significantly since the first-ever tournament played in the Olympics of 1900. Players like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have done a great deal to transform not just a sport, but also clothing radically. Tennis skirts have seen several shifts over the decades, and several fashion options currently exist.

How to Choose a Tennis Skirt

Although tennis outfits are manufactured in different designs, it is up to your preference to make a choice which aesthetic and type of tennis skirt you love to wear while playing.


The cut of the fabric is the very first factor to be noticed since tennis skirts are widely produced in pleated styles. Every style has features that are essential to know. An A-line tennis skirt is typical because it does not stick to the thighs and is, therefore, flattering for many body shapes. Meanwhile, straight-cut skirts continue to stick to the legs, which provide better mobility than A-lines since they have slits. Skirts that have pleats are known to be the most straightforward and traditional tennis skirt style.


The material used by the manufacturers of tennis clothing has transformed ever since the beginning, and tennis skirts nowadays are made from high-performance polyester materials that prove capable of helping to keep players fresh and comfortable throughout their games. There are cotton tennis skirts, but they will not feel as cool or elastic as polyester skirts. 


Tennis skirts are also preferred based on their waistband, which may be flexible or banded in style. The elastic band is usually stretchy, and that is why the skirts with elastic bands are safer and more convenient to fit, whereas the band version is tighter to wear, and they give a much more sturdy feeling when worn. Elastics and banded tennis skirts come in various widths, but flat and short styles are found to be more fashionable and trendy to carry.

Built-in Shorts

Shorts used for tennis skirts can be compression shorts or standard shorts. They are called compression shorts because they’re tight-fitting and rather close in appearance and design to bike shorts. There are several tennis skirts with many other styles with less fitted trousers and even come with pockets which are handy for carrying tennis balls.


The length of the garment is another variable in the purchasing of tennis skirts. Many manufacturers produce tennis skirts not just in various styles but also in varying lengths. The skirt length is on average, 11 and 15 inches.


Size matters when buying tennis skirts because nobody wants to purchase skirts that are too big or too short to fit and, like every other garment, the size of the tennis skirt may differ between brands. Measure the thinnest part of your waist while the hip measurement should go around the fullest part of the hips. Once you have your size, use the aid of the most popular companies and retailers on their sites to guide you in selecting the right skirt for you.

Choosing to play tennis is both thrilling and daunting! Before entering the court for training and performing, ensure that you are well prepared to give your best. Above all, ensure that the tennis attire you are using is lightweight, helps you walk comfortably, and is constructed of high-quality materials that keep the unhealthy sun rays at bay while also keeping moisture away. Follow this guide and fall in love with tennis while looking your best.

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