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A Buying Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are known for their functional necessity, but they are also a design statement that can empower the feel and look of the space. When searching for a new bathroom sink, prepare yourself for a seemingly wide array of options. It helps if you know what you want for your home; is it sleek, sculptural, storage-friendly, or for spare?

A Buying Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Sink Mounting Options

The main distinction between bathroom sinks is the mounting style. The common options are countertop, pedestal, wall-mount, and console. Learn more about each of these mounting options, so you know if they can meet your bathroom needs. 

Sink Shape and Size

When it comes to the size of a bath sink, there is no standard size for it. There are small basins that are good enough for washing hands, while there are large sinks that can accommodate cloth or hair washing. The shape and size of the bathroom sink is a matter of personal taste and preference unless you want to find a new replacement for that old fixture. In such a case, the new bat sink you get should fit your existing countertop as well as mount similarly. If you are particular with space, you can find a triangular sink that you can install in the corner of the bathroom. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Determine the style and type of bathroom sink that you want to help in your decision-making process. The following are useful ideas that will help you choose the perfect sink for your bathroom. 

Factor in the vessel sink. These vessel sinks are typically located on top of a vanity or counter, which means that they are higher compared to other types of bathroom sinks. If you opt for a vessel sink, you need a taller deck-mounted faucet or wall-mounted one. Also, the faucet handle of this sink must be easy to reach, so make sure they are not behind and low. 

Think about the landing room. The amount of space near the sink depends on the configuration and style you choose. A bath sink that has little or no room for toiletries is not a useful and functional element in the room. A vessel sink will have enough space on its countertop, considering it is mounted on top. Make sure you keep the space you want in mind before deciding on a bathroom sink. 

Understand the characteristics of an artisan glass sink. When it comes to glass sinks, ensure it can provide safety and is sturdy. If you want a glass vessel sink for your bath space, make sure you know what you are getting. It means that they should be tempered and can be delivered. 

Faucet Compatibility

No matter how great-looking your sink is, if it does not work well with the faucet, it would be useless. Many sinks come with one to three faucet holes to hold a single-handle faucet or the one that has separate handles for cold and hot water. In general, a single-handle faucet needs a sink with one hole. 

What is above the sink?

If something falls from the shelving or cabinet medicine above your bathroom sink, can it handle the impact? Softwood or a glass sink may get damaged easily, particularly if something hard or big falls on it. In such a scenario, delicate sinks may be prone to damage. So, while shopping around, take into consideration what is above the bath sink.  

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