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31+ Nice Christmas Messages for Family and Friends

Christmas messages for family and friends Looking for the best Christmas messages to send on WhatsApp? Enjoy a Merry Christmas and do not forget to share your best merry Christmas wishes with the people around you, for this, we bring you this section with a list of beautiful Christmas greetings.

Christmas Messages for Family

We invite you to choose the best Christmas messages you like best from the selection you will find below so that you can send them through social networks, Christmas text messages, or the Best Christmas cards. It will be a nice touch that you can have with your loved ones.

Christmas Messages for Family

Download beautiful Christmas Wishes for my family and friends

Merry Christmas Short Poems
  • “This message goes with my best wishes to wish you a Merry Christmas to all of you, my dear family and friends. I send them with love.”
  • “Of the 365 nights of the year, this is the most special of all because in it we meet as a family and celebrate the birth of the child Jesus. Merry Christmas to all!”
  • “May our hearts be filled with joy, may illusions return to our lives, and may we dream of a better tomorrow. I wish you a Merry Christmas !”
  • “It’s so easy to let the spirit of Christmas into our hearts and feel incredibly happy, just like when we were children. Happy holidays to all!”
  • “I ask God to pour many blessings on you and your homes so that you can celebrate a Christmas in peace, harmony, and much love.”


Cards with cute Christmas Messages for friends and family

Merry Christmas Cards
Merry Christmas Cards
  • “The happiness that Christmas awakens in our hearts is not only to enjoy it for a day. I wish it will be part of our lives throughout the year.”
  • “It’s nice to give and receive lovely gifts, but when they are delivered with the heart, they become more meaningful and unique. Merry Christmas, my friends and family “!
  • “This message is for you, and I dedicate it to you with much love because it is Christmas, and I wish that great happiness reaches your heart. Have a happy holiday season!”
  • “I would have loved to be by your side to celebrate Christmas, but from where I am, I send you a big hug, my best wishes, and my congratulations. I miss you so much!”
  • “It would be great if the hugs could be sent by mail because I would send many to wish you a Merry Christmas.”


Wishes and Christmas cards to send by cell phone

Christmas in London
Christmas in London
  • “I hope you receive beautiful gifts this Christmas, but that you understand that there is the no bigger gift that is to enjoy the love of your loved ones. Happy holidays!”
  • Category: Christmas cards for your family or friends
  • “May the love of the child Jesus be like a star in your life that will guide you to happiness next to the people you love most. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”
  • Category: Christmas cards for your family or friends
  • Do not forget that you should always express your feelings with total freedom, so come back next time because we have a wide variety of Wishes for any moment of your life.

Original Christmas Messages for friends


  • There is a night in which millions of people around the world come together with a single purpose in their hearts to celebrate Christmas next to the people they love most. And that is that this party is one of the most anticipated and enjoyed by all.
  • Let your heart overflow with noble feelings by sharing with your friends and family your best wishes on Christmas Eve, for this. We have prepared this section with a list of Wishes that will be very useful.
  • Choose the Wishes you like best and share them with your loved ones so that the magic of Christmas is also present in their lives.

Download cute Christmas messages for my friends

Merry Christmas Sayings
Merry Christmas Sayings
  • “It’s beautiful to celebrate Christmas and discover that next to our family, we have everything we need to be happy.”
  • “I send this Christmas greeting with my best feelings because I want you to enjoy peace, love, and much joy next to your family. I hope you have a happy holiday season!”
  • “My dear friends and family, I want to share with you hundreds of hugs to wish you a Merry Christmas and remind you that they are an important part of my life and that I love you very much.”
  • “I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I always remember you and even more when Christmas comes. I send this greeting with my congratulations and best wishes. Happy holidays!”
  • “The star of Bethlehem took the magicians to the baby Jesus; may the love of God become that light that leads us to happiness, next to our loved ones. Merry Christmas!”

Send beautiful texts to wish Merry Christmas

Christmas Messages

  • “Let us thank God for all the blessings he has poured out on our lives and prepare ourselves to celebrate an unforgettable Christmas. Congratulations to all!”
  • “I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my love. Let’s discover the magic of this beautiful party and let our hearts be filled with joy, enthusiasm, and love.”
  • “Let’s feel like little children, once again, to discover that it is very easy to be happy and that celebrating Christmas with our families is a great blessing. Happy holidays!”
  • “To my friends and family, I want to send this message to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for being part of my life and giving me so many moments of joy.”
  • “Maybe receiving a hug as a gift will take us off guard, but it will be enough to comfort our hearts and make us feel great joy. Merry Christmas!”


The best Christmas messages for family for WhatsApp and Facebook

Merry Christmas Messages
Merry Christmas Messages
  •  “It is my greatest wish that the warmth of your home comforts your heart on this Christmas Eve and that as a gift, you receive the love of your family. Merry Christmas “!
  • “Merry Christmas! The birth of the child Jesus is a cause for celebration, so let’s rejoice, and next to our families, we share the happiest Christmas Eve we have ever had.”
  • We wish you happy holiday, and we hope you can enjoy them next to the people you love most.
  • Come back next time for many more beautiful Christmas Wishes because we will be waiting for you with the latest news.

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