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30+ Best Happy Anniversary Status for FB & Whatsapp

Happy Anniversary Status: Happy Anniversary Status for Whatsapp & Happy Anniversary Status for Facebook. The dates of the anniversaries of a couple are conducive for them to wish each other Status and wishes to continue with the relationship, as well as the friendships and people who are close to them express their congratulations on this special date.

Happy Anniversary Status

In this article, you will find the best examples of anniversary Wishes that you can dedicate to your better half as you can also express to a couple that you know very closely and have a great appreciation for what you can not miss this day without wishing you many congratulations.

Anniversary Status for Whatsapp

We invite you to read what comes next and share it in your Facebook account.

Happy Anniversary Status to Share on Facebook

  • “ Love, today we are on an anniversary and it is a day when I am grateful to continue with you because I know that our love is true and I will continue by your side until the day I miss the last breath.
  • Our feelings allow us to overcome the difficulties that have come our way and I must thank you because you are a great companion whom I adore with all my being. ”
  • “ My happy anniversary life and many years to come together to continue all that remains of life together because you are the person with whom I share not only my pillow but even my doubts, my dreams and among us there is great respect, trust, and love that has been reinforced over the years.
  • Thank you for being the man of my life. ”
  • “ Friend, congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  • Who would say that you are already celebrating almost a quarter of a century with the man who took you to the altar, I remember that you had many doubts about making this decision but now that when there is true love there is nothing to fear because you always have that person with whom you share everything and it’s good that you continue to keep at your side a man who loves you and values ​​you for being as you are. ”
  • “ Happy anniversary my friends, I still wish you many congratulations because I appreciate you very much and I know of the great love you have for each other because yours is a true feeling and that is why I see you as an exemplary couple. May they always be very happy. ”

Download Nice Happy Anniversary Status to dedicate:

Happy Anniversary Status

  • “Friends, it’s good to know that even though they have had their moments of crisis, they remain united and I see them more in love than ever.
  • Do not give up and if you really love yourself never let anything or anyone overshadow that beautiful relationship you have. May God continue to bless you and may you remain more and more passionate than ever. Happy Anniversary“.
  • “ Happy anniversary friends. I have known you since you were single and how little or much I know about you will never change the good concept that I have formed as a couple that is very close and always seeks peace and harmony in the beautiful home they have formed.
  • May God bless your love relationship and may the flame of love they share be perennial. ”
  • “ I send many congratulations on your anniversary. I will not be able to be physically present to give you a big hug for your silver wedding, but from where I find myself I will pray a lot for you so that you continue to stay together and that the love between you is an inexhaustible flame ”.
  • “ Happy anniversary for the couple of friends that I admire for being an exemplary marriage.
  • For the friendship we have, I have witnessed the way they have managed to face their problems and in the end, the reason and the feeling that is what keeps them and will continue to hold them together throughout life have always triumphed. I love you very much and I always want to see you together and happy ”
  • ” On this anniversary that you continue to receive the blessing of God and thus present difficult moments in your relationship keep the promise of love and the desire to stay together until death do you part.”
  • We are sure that here you have found the dedications you were looking for to congratulate an anniversary couple.
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Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Status to my friends for anniversary

  • If you know a couple of husbands who will soon be celebrating another year of marriage, then send them a nice greeting. Keep in mind that keeping a marriage is something that very few people get.
  • It takes a lot of love for a couple to stay together, so celebrating another year of marriage means a great event.
  • If you want to greet your friends for their anniversary, but you’re not very good with words, don’t worry. In this article, we have prepared a list of Status for my friends for another year of marriage.
  • Check the Wishes and select the one you like best and dedicate it to your friends. They will have an amazing day and they will be excited to know that you wish them all the best.

Happy Anniversary Status texts for my friends

  • “The two of them are people I love very much, I hope they can have a nice anniversary and that love is present for the rest of their lives. I love you very much, friends. ”
  • “You are an example that when love is the true one, you overcome all obstacles. I congratulate you with all my heart on this day here you are celebrating another year of marriage. May God bless you and always be together. ”
  • “ Congratulations on the celebration of your wedding anniversary, I feel very happy to meet you and be friends with you. May love and joy always reign in your home. ”
  • “On this wonderful day that they are celebrating another year of being married, I want to say that I wish them all the best. You two are a very lucky couple and the love you feel will keep you together forever. ”
  • “ I am glad to see you so happy with each other since the day the Lord blessed your union you have done nothing but feed your love. I really congratulate you for celebrating another year of marriage and I wish you many congratulations. ”

Nice happy anniversary Status to my  friends:

Anniversary Status

  • “Dear friends today who are celebrating one more year of your marriage, I wish you congratulations. I feel very excited to know that my best friends have a model marriage. God bless your home forever. ”
  • “I send my cordial Status on this day that is celebrating another year of that wedding anniversary. I hope you have a great time as always and that this wonderful love that exists between you every day grows more. ”
  • “ I love you dear friends, and on this day I wish you all the happiness in the world. Have an unforgettable anniversary and that together you can achieve all your goals. ”
  • “May the Lord bless you today and always so that you can continue together for the rest of your lives. The home they have formed is very wonderful and I wish that happiness is always present in their lives. ”
  • “To celebrate another year of marriage is something really special, so I want to greet you cordially on this day and tell you that you can always be happy. I love you with all my heart. ”

Now you know. Specially greet that couple of friends who are celebrating another year of marriage.

Keeping a marriage today is something really admirable, so with more reason, you still have to congratulate them. We hope that these messages have been to your liking and that you return soon to our portal.

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