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5 Best Teachers Day Poem in Hindi of 2020

Teachers Day Poem In Hindi: Best Poem on Teachers Day in Hindi for Students These inspiring poems is dedicated to the teachers who create a bright future for the nation. In honor of all the teachers, poems on some beautiful teachers day are available here. Students and students thank these gurus by dedicating them to their gurus.

Teachers Day Poem In Hindi

Teachers Day Poem in Hindi

Happy Teachers Day Hindi Poem

Friends Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5 October. All of us should show our gratitude to our gurus on this day celebrated in honor of the Gurus. Today we have been formed under the guidance of whoever we are, I salute such respected gentlemen on behalf of Hindi thought !!

Teachers Day Poem In Hindi

  • Baalak mann phulwaari sa,
    shikshak rakshak sanskaar ka,
    andhkaar bhari raah ka,
    shikshak deep gyaan ka.

Teachers Day Poem Hindi

  • samast vishav viraat ka,
    mastishk yeh utthan ka,
    jeevan rath par adhyayanrat,
    shikshak pipaasu gyan ka.

Teachers Day Poem

  • behati nadi ki jheel sa,
    paawan man hota shikshak ka,
    chhut – achhut se rehata nyara,
    uchch satriya mann shikshak ka.

Teachers Day Poem

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