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45+ Happy Teachers Day Quotes From Students

Happy Teachers Day Quotes: Get the new and latest teachers day quotes which a student can dedicate to her teacher on this happy teachers day which is coming on the 5th of October in India. India celebrates teachers on 5th October, many other countries celebrate teachers day on different dates.

Happy Teachers Day Quotes

We have collected the best, unique, new, touching and meaningful teacher’s day quotes which any student can send or write for her teacher in his school or college.

Teachers Day Quotes

Teachers are the one who makes us live in society, make us educate, make our discipline. In India, Teachers day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan which is on 5th October. Here are the top collections of teachers day quotes from the student.

Teachers day Quotes From Students | Happy Teachers Day

  • “Mèdíocrè tèachèrs tèll.. Good tèachèrs èxplaín. Súpèríor tèachèr dèmonstratès.. Grèat tèachèrs ínspírè.”
  • “Ídèal tèachèrs arè thosè who úsè thèmsèlvès as brídgès ovèr whích thèy ínvítè thèír stúdènts to cross, thèn havíng facílítatèd thèír joyfúlly collapsè, crossíng, èncoúragíng thèm to crèatè brídgès of thèír own.”
  • “A good tèachèr ís símílar to a candlè that consúmès ítsèlf to líght úp othèrs paths”.
  • “Thè tèst of a good tèachèr ís not how many qúèstíons hè can ask hís púpíls that thèy wíll answèr rèadíly, bút how many qúèstíons hè ínspírès thèm to ask hím whích hè fínds ít hard to answèr.”
  •  “Ín tèachíng yoú cannot sèè thè frúít of a day’s work. Ít ís ínvísíblè and rèmaíns so, maybè for twènty yèars.”
  •  “What thè tèachèr ís, ís morè ímportant than what hè tèachès.”
  • “Onè looks back wíth apprècíatíon to thè bríllíant tèachèrs, bút wíth gratítúdè to thosè who toúchèd oúr húman fèèlíngs. Thè cúrrícúlúm ís so múch nècèssary raw matèríal, bút warmth ís thè vítal èlèmènt for thè growíng plant and for thè soíl of thè chíld.”
  • “Yoú havè to grow from thè ínsídè oút. Nonè can tèach yoú, nonè can makè yoú spírítúal. Thèrè ís no othèr tèachèr bút yoúr own soúl.”
  • “Í havè comè to bèlíèvè that a grèat tèachèr ís a grèat artíst and that thèrè arè as fèw as thèrè arè othèr grèat artísts. Tèachíng míght èvèn bè thè grèatèst of thè arts síncè thè mèdíúm ís thè húman mínd and spírít.”
  • “Tèachèrs can changè lívès wíth júst thè ríght míx of chalk and challèngès.”

Teachers Day Nice Quotes

We have all had teachers who have marked us in one way or another, either because they cared for us, or because they helped us learn because they taught us many of the things we know or for any other reason.

  • For the world, you can be just a teacher, but for me, you are simply the best. Congratulations to you dear teacher
  • Every word from you is a word of teachings and wisdom to us. Because you are the best and always will be. Happy day Professor
  • I appreciate you giving 110% to learn because teaching is never easy, but somehow you make everything more fun, exciting and easy to learn. Happy day for you! : $
  • Dear teacher, You always lead us on the right path. Every little triumph we get is, in large part, thanks to the effort and dedication he put into his teachings. Thank you very much for being our guide and mentor!
  • There are two kinds of teachers: those who pressure us so much that we can’t even move and those who give us a little push to encourage us to fly. Glad to tell you that you were second. Have a happy day, dear teacher!

Thanksgiving Happy Teachers Day Quotes

  • There are no words with which I can thank you for having achieved, with your dedication and love, that learning is something interesting and fun. In his classes I was finding my way in life and thanks to his teachings, I was able to achieve it successfully. Happy day, dear teacher!
  • “There are two types of education, the one that teaches you to make a living and the one that teaches you to live.” (Anthony de Mello)
  • “When people are so numerous, what can be done for their good? Make him rich and happy. And when he’s rich, what else can be done for him? Educate him. ” (Confucius)
  • Only through education can man become a man. Man is nothing more than what education makes of him. ” (Kant)
  • You have been more than a teacher, a good friend, a guide, an inspiration. His advice helped me find my own way. Have a very Happy Teacher’s Day!
  • “Thank you” is a small word, but there is a very special feeling among you in your lyrics. Thank you for your time, your hard work and for all the values ​​you taught us. Thank you very much for everything you did for us. You were more than just a teacher. You were someone very special in our lives. Have a great day, dear teacher!
  • Since my first day of school until today, so much time has passed, however, their teachings, their guidance, and their support accompany me every day. Thanks to you I feel ready for the challenges I have to face tomorrow. Thank you very much for your teachings, Dear Professor!
  • Teachers play a very important role in the formation and guidance of each student and teachers like you, always leave positive teaching in the heart of your students … Thank you, Dear Teacher! I will never forget his teachings and the advice he gave me I keep in a very precious corner of my heart. Happy day!

Thus, there is nothing better than the words of a student so that they feel that their work and effort make sense, which will compensate for the many problems they have to play in the exercise of their functions.

Best Happy Teachers Day Quotes

In this way, if you are lucky enough to coincide with one of those vocational teachers, we leave you some words to be told on the day they are remembered and thanked for their work.

  • Prof: thanks for helping me, understanding me and especially teaching me 🙂 Happy day to you!
  • I have found support, friendship, discipline, and love. All in one person. And that person is you, my dear teacher. Happy day!
  • For your patience and love, for your kind words and for the good times, I just want to tell you. Thank you very much, My Dear Teacher!
  • You guided me when I was lost; He gave me support when I felt weak; You have illuminated my path … Thank you for everything, Dear Professor!
  • Every dream begins with a teacher who believes in us, who pushes us and encourages us to move forward; sometimes hitting us with a hard tablet called “truth.” Happy day, dear teacher!
  • To be a teacher is to help others reach knowledge and always be at the side of the students when they are in trouble. Thank you for being my teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  • Every time you arrived at the salon, you were already there to guide us through the right path. On this special day, I just want to tell you that I am very lucky to have a teacher like you

If you have a teacher and/or special teacher then do not hesitate to dedicate some sentences for the day of the teacher, as they will surely thank you. In many cases, teachers prefer to have their work recognized rather than having a bulky salary.

  • Dear dear teacher, thank you very much for your patience and affection. In you I found friendship, discipline, guidance, and wisdom. On this day I can only wish you the best of the best. Happy day!
  • The best teachers are those who know how to transform into bridges, and who invite their disciples to cross them. (Nikos Kazantzakis)
  • The good teacher makes the bad student become good and the good student becomes superior. (Maruja Torres)
  • To educate a child is not to make him learn something he did not know, but to make him someone who did not exist. John Ruskin
  • “A teacher is the one who teaches you, a teacher is the one you learn from
  • “To teach is to learn twice” (Joseph Joubert)
  • Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an incredible teacher and therefore deserve the best today and always. Congratulations
  • I am honored to be one of the people who is lucky to have a teacher like you. Happy day for you!
  • The best teacher is not the one who knows best, but the one who teaches with love and dedication the way of life. Thank you!
  • The best teachers do not give you the answer, they provoke in you the desire to find the answer for yourself. Happy day!
  • The teaching that leaves its mark is not what is done head to head, but from heart to heart. Happy Teacher’s Day! : $
  • Happy day, dear teachers! Today is a good time to remember and value the sacrifice each of you makes to become people of good. A warm greeting for your work and for the passion you put in teaching us, every day

We also shared the top best collection of teachers day wishes, messages, poems and speech in our previous posts.

Nice Quotes for Your Teacher


  • Teacher. Thank you for teaching me, thank you for trusting me and especially thanks for helping me to grow. Congratulations to you: $
  • I have always been told that experience is the best teacher, but having you as a teacher has been the best experience of all. Happy Day, Dear Teacher!
  • Dear teacher, between lesson and lesson you taught us to see our qualities and to observe our defects, to polish them day by day. He sowed in our soul the desire to know more and in our hearts the desire to be better. There are not enough words to thank you for all your teachings! Have a great time on this day!
  • Dear teacher, you taught us to love books, we discovered the mysteries that were hidden among the numbers; Dear teacher, you taught us to be persevering and fight to achieve our dreams. On this day I just want to say THANK YOU !!! for guiding me on the path of good

Check out our previous post for quotes on teachers day. We hope you like our post on Happy Teachers Day Quotes From Students and got whatever you needed from this post. Make your favorite teacher happy and say thanks for everything they did for you by dedicating a touching quote to her or him.

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