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40+ Happy Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Poem for Girlfriend: Friendship is one of the most important values ​​in the life of every person, along with love. After all, the best friend is like a soul mate with whom you are connected by invisible threads of understanding. She is like a sister, which means her holiday is an important event in your life too. That is why it is so important to choose the right birthday greetings for a close friend.

And now this day is nearing, and you are probably in search of an original, touching, or maybe a funny congratulation for her. It doesn’t matter at all whether this poem will be, or maybe you write your own congratulations in prose …

And our selection of congratulations will surely help you find the very wish that will allow you and your girlfriend to feel the strength and depth of your friendship!

Touching Happy Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Congratulations in prose give the wish a more personal character. And, without any doubt, your pleasant words will touch her soul to tears.

Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “Happy Birthday. Let the tears from your eyes roll only with joy, may your heart never know betrayal and lies, may a new world of goodness and sincerity open for you today. Another year, another date, another achievement. Let there be something for you to be proud of, what to worry about, whom to love, whom to trust and with whom to stay in difficult times. I wish that the path of your happiness be smooth and endless. “
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “The most faithful, best and most devoted friend! You are a bright, honest, kind and wonderful man who is always happy to share his warmth! Remain so and delight your neighbors with your enthusiasm in the eyes, hardworking character, sensitive heart and quivering soul. On your birthday I wish you the most sincere and cloudless personal happiness, family well-being, comfort in the home and peace of mind! Let all the rainbows of the world lie carpet in front of you, may the birds chirp at your windows for good news, may all problems be solved in your favor, and relatives give support! Be cheerful, patient, wise and unfading – neither soul nor thoughts! Happy birthday, dear, from the heart! ”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “Sweet girlfriend! I am grateful that I have you. On your birthday I wish you all the very best: inexhaustible optimism, immense, all-consuming love, exciting adventures and unforgettable meetings. Never need anything and never deny yourself anything. May you have everything you desire. Be happy.”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “My closest, most beloved and most faithful friend! On your birthday, I would like to wish you first of all health and longevity. This, of course, is commonplace, but I really want to see you alive and healthy for many, many years. And I also wish you to preserve your beauty and freshness, the youthfulness of soul and vigor, so that your every day will be filled with joy and fun! ”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “Once I was very lucky – I found a friend who became my sister. This meeting was sent to us by heaven, for which I am grateful to all the higher powers. My dear beauty, I congratulate you on holiday. Let the year never appear on your appearance. Be happy and healthy, because these words contain everything that a person can wish for. I love you and will always be there. ”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “So your day has come! You leave another year behind your back. Remember, it was interesting, intense. Take with you positive memories, loyal friends, dear to your heart gifts and impressions, and leave anger, disappointment, resentment. They are not your fellow travelers. Do not turn off the straight road on the way to your dream, do not listen to the envious speech. Proud walk to your face. Do not give up.”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “Happy Birthday, my dear friend of mine! You know very well that has long been a native to me. I always feel your support. In any difficult situation, you are there. I do not doubt for a second your strong and faithful friendship, your sincere words! On your birthday, I would like to wish you something especially warm, beautiful. I want your kind heart to never know disappointments, insults, insults! I want your soul to never be discouraged or hurt. And you always remained as smiling and sincere! I give you my faithful friendship! And I will always be there! ”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “Everyone dreams of flying: in a dream and in reality, on airplanes or on carpets … like in fairy tales. And even if it’s just a dream, but it’s precisely they – a special kind of imagination, a treasured desire, the fulfillment of which often bodes happiness … I wish you dreams! Huge as the sky and as tender as a marshmallow, and let it bring Happiness! Congratulations!”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “My dear! With you, we have gone through many confusing roads, seen both good and bad, but still remain best friends. Therefore, I want to wish that all the paths along which you will go further are smooth so that no obstacles on them prevent you from moving forward. And if they appear, then know that I will be there, together we will overcome everything. Happy Birthday, my dear!”
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
  • “When I feel sad, I go to you, when I want to share my joy – I go to you when I need sensible advice – I go to you. And you always give me what I seek. You are sad with me, will prompt or help with the matter, the happiness shared with you takes on new facets. Happy Birthday! And may the years of our friendship add youth to your heart and youth in your soul! ”

Beautiful Happy Birthday for Best Friend in Poems

Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Are you looking for how to wish your precious girlfriend a happy birthday, hoping to pleasantly surprise her? It is not difficult to do this, because here you will definitely find that same congratulation!

Birthday for Best Friend in Poems
  • “I wish you support,
    For years to give happiness,
    For loved ones to be healthy, To be
    with you always.”
    So that luck smiles at you,
    So that your friends are nearby in trouble,
    So that sorrow does not touch your soul,
    I wish you good days.
    So that desires and songs come true,
    Sing along with a guitar to a guitar,
    So that life is as easy as in childhood,
    When my mother called to eat.
    “Not to know grief, loss,
    So that love lives in your heart, I
    your good days and patience, Happy birthday to you!”
Birthday for Best Friend in Poems
  • “Let it be as you want!
    Love, champagne, flowers!
    Let sadness bypasses
    you, your family, your house!
    May the joy of the everlasting companion be forever
    in the heart forever!. ”
Birthday for Best Friend in Poems
  • “You are worthy of beautiful, kind words.
    I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday!
    Let the most beautiful flowers
    in the morning give you a mood.
    Thank you, dear, for your kind advice.
    You will not leave your girlfriend in trouble!
    For a good disposition, for your spiritual light.
    In a feminine way, you will always direct me.
    Be happy, beautiful, fun.
    Let your family please you.
    Love, health, peace and warmth!
    May the young years last longer! ”
Birthday for Best Friend in Poems
  • “Let dashing toasts sound.
    About Arctic fox and a foreign car,
    Wonderful guests,
    Drink, sing, carry gifts.
    Walked in earnest,
    Though it is time to go.
    Drop-in for a minute,
    Do not forget, thank God!
    There are friends – and doubt away!
    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!”
Birthday for Best Friend in Poems
  • “I wish you the birthday of
    Everything and a lot, from the heart.
    Take pleasure from life,
    So that days and nights are good.
    You are young, cute, beautiful,
    Such remains forever.
    My friend, be happy.
    Be like a bright star. ”
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Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Beloved Girlfriend

Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Since a friend is a close person, then, of course, she can, and even needs to, send a cool SMS congratulation, which will definitely make her smile!

Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Girlfriend
  • “Girlfriend, I wish everything was cool so
    that the guys fell in love with you hourly!
    I wish the outfits of fashionable styles,
    Beauties the first to try on the crown!
    “Cheer up, hang out, burn to the hits,
    And so that your dreams come true soon!”
Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Girlfriend
  • “You’ve become older today,
    I know it would be better if I were silent,
    Suddenly wrinkles will appear,
    If only not for tears.
    Smile to everyone in spite, so
    that you are always lucky.
    Happy birthday, good luck,
    get richer.
    Rejoice at mom and friends
    Treat your guests soon! ”
Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Girlfriend
  • “Happy Birthday, girlfriend,
    You are marvelously good,
    May our friendship not fade,
    And the soul always sings.
    Be loved forever,
    May you be lucky in everything,
    May all meetings are successful,
    Happiness brazenly creeps into the house.
    At the bank, all accounts in foreign currency
    Let them grow by leaps and bounds.
    Foreign resorts
    With a sultry macho are waiting for you! “
Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Girlfriend
  • “I wish you all the most beautiful, The
    Health – chocolate,
    Fun – grape,
    Life – endless,
    Youth – eternal,
    Smile – strawberry!
    And it will be easier to live. ”
Funny Sms Birthday Greetings to Your Girlfriend
  • “Happy birthday girlfriend!
    Prepare a large mug,
    I’m coming to you with wine,
    We will celebrate together! ”

Original Wish for a Childhood Anniversary to a Childhood Friend

Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

The friends you have been friends with since childhood definitely deserve to receive the most original congratulations from you. Especially if it’s an anniversary birthday. Who, if not a childhood friend, will be able to support on such a responsible and a little sad day of growing up?

Original Wish for a Childhood Friend
  • “Well, friend, happy anniversary!
    I want to wish you so
    that the feelings are only sharper
    and take the maximum from life.
    Let everything be always excellent,
    both in the office and in personal life.
    Blossom, shine and good.
    Be merry and not hurt.
    And no matter how many years have passed,
    Always be eighteen
    in your soul. And happiness, light.
    Let it be reflected in the eyes. ”
Original Wish for a Childhood Friend
  • “My friend, be happy, please!
    I wish you with all my heart
    On your day of jubilee, I will tell you I wish you
    your happiness!
    May the days and years be happy,
    My dear friend!
    I believe that you will always be loved
    And you will always be young! ”
Original Wish for a Childhood Friend
  • “Every year only more beautiful,
    Every year – again twenty,
    Happiness will be a full bowl,
    It will be good to dream.
    Happy anniversary, dear,
    Here’s a gift of congratulations: I
    sincerely wish you so
    that you bloomed like a flower! ”
Original Wish for a Childhood Friend
  • “How many years have we known each other,
    Even scary to count.
    But today
    I will congratulate you on your anniversary.
    You are my childhood friend,
    I wish you,
    To friendship, as an inheritance,
    Continued everywhere.
    Be the same you are beautiful.
    Even many years later,
    So that years simply would pass by.
Original Wish for a Childhood Friend
  • “We’re the kindergarten children,
    We are with you better than anyone else in the world,
    we emit bright light,
    better than us, believe me, no,
    And you want to, so check
    in a child’s life whirl,
    I girlfriend loved the most
    I’ll give for a photo frame
    which we together,
    hand in hand, we go,
    I wish you a happy birthday,
    Be happy, my girlfriend! ”

Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend

Birthday Poem for Girlfriend
Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

Comic congratulations will be very helpful if your girlfriend has a good sense of humor. And they will look in a paper card no worse than ordinary congratulations. And if you choose the appropriate postcard, then you are guaranteed success and pleasant emotions for the birthday girl!

Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend
  • “Nights of blueberry,
    The passion for strawberry,
    Inspired by Love, Contented
    Some money to the skies,
    Original Wonderland,
    Bright denochkov,
    and a ball of happiness,
    Ideas artistic,
    Force energetic,
    humor much
    Ways gold.
    Just a little,
    good luck on the road.
    Banquet without a hangover,
    happy birthday to you! “
Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend
  • “Happy birthday my friend!
    Let everything be with you:
    Both the penthouse and the servant,
    Your personal yacht!
    In the center – a personal apartment,
    Dress in boutiques,
    And rave only with fat,
    And you live as if in dreams! ”
Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend
  • “Hollywood fame,
    A plot on the ground, a
    three-story cottage,
    an important bank account,
    In a career – higher, A
    the car without a roof
    And I wish you happiness.
    Happy Birthday to you! ”
Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend
  • “I wish you never to grow
    I wish you only to always get younger, I wish you to have an elastic ass,
    I wish you never to get sick!
    I wish you to download the press,
    I wish you to visit Paris,
    So that I fly there every month,
    Well, she took me with me!
    So that things in the closet were just fashionable,
    So that the problems receded from you,
    So that you rest, you did not know evil,
    Happy birthday, my friend! ”
Funny Congratulations to Dear Best Friend
  • “Well, my old friend?
    Let the wine splash over the edges.
    So that your birthday is not without reason,
    We will call the brave hussars now.
    Well, the girlfriend of my harsh days?
    Let there be many new impressions! ”
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Choose a Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Wishes

Lyrical birthday greetings, and not only, remain the most popular. And this is quite natural, because of how beautiful rhymes sound, how they are read – easily, airy. They give the words a special charm, convey all the feelings addressed to the birthday girl.

Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend
  • “There are people who pass like snow,
    Flashing a beautiful star by fate.
    It happens that they leave a special mark –
    We remember them in grief and misfortune.
    You are with me, my friend, as the sun,
    What shines in the days of pitch, terrible darkness.
    So much has been experienced with you in the past,
    But we never parted.
    I want to say “thank you” on your holiday
    For loyalty, which is more valuable than all awards.
    For a sincere bright smile,
    For the need for words, that is always so in vain.
    May this good, wonderful birthday
    fulfill your secret dreams.
    I am grateful for every moment when you were with me.
    I want our friendship only to
    grow a stronger, miraculously growing flower in us.
    Be happy, loved, precious,
    Yesterday, today, tomorrow and now! ”
Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend
  • “A friend is close, dear.
    Girlfriend island, peace grace.
    Indeed, in our friendship, there are only two,
    And there is no point in looking for a third.
    Girlfriend, I wish, as I myself:
    A huge and cloudless dream –
    Run after her, fly behind her soon! –
    And grabbing for the bright tails.
    Good luck and success in all matters, Good
    health and joy for the soul,
    Only sincere, sweet laughter,
    After all, a holiday is always where you will be!
Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend
  • Sweet girlfriend, let life
    be luxurious and beautiful!
    Hurry, dear, smile,
    That you were always happy!
    May joy bears every moment,
    May all dreams come true so
    that every day from year to year
    Blossomed, as if a rose, you! ”
Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend
  • “Beautiful, tender and cheerful
    Charming, crazy,
    Always loved and in love,
    Soul forever young,
    With fire in my chest,
    With a dream in my heart,
    Unattainable like a star,
    And an unsolved mystery
    You remain forever!”
Special Birthday Verse for Your Girlfriend
  • “My friend, happy birthday!
    I wish you an armful of flowers,
    Love, pleasant wishes,
    Wonderful, magical verses!
    I wish you gifts, surprises,
    Reliable girlfriends,
    Smiles, good luck and happiness,
    And a huge chest of money! ”

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend: Congratulations With Pictures

Happy Birthday Wishes for Godson
Happy Birthday Wishes for Godson

In the modern world, electronic greeting cards and pictures have taken a strong place. They are bright and colorful and carry no less personal message than paper cards. It is also convenient to send such a congratulation in a message to a friend with whom you do not have the opportunity to personally see each other.

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