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Top 10 Best Free Music Download Apps

Top 10 Best Free Music Download Apps

What are the best apps to download free MP3 music on Android phones? Best Free Music Download Apps Reviewed.

In general, listening to music is one of the favorite hobbies of many people today and with the great boom of mobile phones, the vast majority of users choose to find solutions that allow them to enjoy this content on any site and during any moment.

Given this requirement, a large number of mobile apps emerged that allow downloading music in various formats. But well, most prefer to do it in MP3 format for different reasons and because of this, many developers worried about designing apps of this type that allow you to download songs in MP3 easily and for free.

That is why, then, we have made a section for you with a variety of Android compatible apps, which reveal an excellent performance around the download of songs in this format and best of all, they are coupled to the Tastes of all kinds of users.

Best Free Music Download Apps

Do you want to be able to download the free mp3 music on your Android mobile with 100% secure apps? We are going to leave you a list with the best Android apps, tested by our technicians, to download free music on mp3 and that you have available on Google Play and APKs for free premium versions.

We all like to have a list of our favorite songs available on mobile to listen to whenever we want, either because we are sad, because we need motivation, to concentrate on work or because we love listening to music at all times. Here you have the best Android apps to download free music on your mobile.

Best Free Music Download Apps

List of 30 Best Free Music Download Apps and songs for your Android phone and tablet to stream

As we have mentioned, in this section we indicate a lot of apps that work ideally for downloading music and songs for free in MP3. Thus highlighting, below, its most important details and part of its execution on Android devices:

Snaptube to download music from Youtube on mp3

Snaptube is one of the best Android apps to download mp3 music on the mobile that is available.

In addition to the video download, with Snaptube you will be able to listen to all the songs on your mobile without having to subscribe to a paid service and without restrictions. Snaptube is known by everyone for being one of the most effective when it comes to downloading music from YouTube .

How does Snaptube work? Download music from youtube

Snaptube allows you to download music from YouTube videos to Android phones in an mp3 and mp4 audio format. What makes Snaptube unique to the competition is that you can download audio from other sites such as Facebook, Dailymotion and other Internet sites that have audio and video.

Download APK of Snaptube Android

This app is not on Google Play, so to be able to download Snaptube on your Android phones and install it you must do it from its official page [ Snaptube APK]. In order to download and install this app, you must enable the Unknown Origins option of your mobile and tablet.


  • To do this you must go to Settings-> Security and activate the option “Unknown origins”

mp3 Music Downloader

mp3 Music Download is another app to download music on Android preferred by users and is a good alternative to Snaptube (although we still prefer the previous one).

Therefore, our technicians have tested it and have drawn their own conclusions. mp3 Music Download is a very easy to use app that will allow you to download the songs in mp3. It will allow you to have your favorite music to have it stored on your Android mobile and tablet and listen to them offline whenever you want.

How to download songs with mp3 Music Downloader

It has a search engine and an extensive multimedia library in which you will surely find all the songs. But in addition to downloading songs, mp3 Music Download has an mp3 player to listen to downloaded songs.


Peggo is an app to download free music from Youtube and SoundCloud in mp3 for Android phones and tablets.

Peggo is an app little known but as effective or more than Snaptube, in which you will also be able to download videos and audiobooks.

How to download music with Peggo: This is how it works

This app has a very intuitive interface and you will have access to thousands of songs (all available on YouTube). In addition to being able to download the songs, you will be able to listen to the songs in streaming so you don’t have to save them on your Android phone.

In the Peggo app, there is a box that works like a search engine. You will only have to put the address of any video on YouTube and get into the download links of the video where you will find different quality audio in high quality. If you do not know the address of the video, you can search directly from the app. The same with the videos.

Download APK Peggo Android

Peggo is not available on Google Play, so we will have to download the Peggo APK from another site. But first, we have to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources from Settings-> Security and activate the option of “Unknown sources”. Very easy.

Once this is done, here you have the download links of the Peggo APK . Once the app is downloaded, you will only have to install it.


Tinytunes is another of the Android apps preferred by our technicians and the general public to download free music.

Tinytunes has a complete list of songs, so you will find all the music you want. Its interface is simple, which makes it perfect thanks to its large multimedia library, which is why it is included in this list.

How to download music with Tinytunes: This is how it works

With the Tinytunes app, you can search for music with the title of the song, the artist or the album. If we enter the app we will be a search bar at the top to search for the songs and place the filters and criteria by which you want to search for the song or album.

It also has a music player to listen directly to the songs from the app and another tool, which comes in handy, which is to create tones with our favorite songs.

Download the Tinytunes APK safely

Tinytunes is not available on Google Play but we have the free and secure Tinytunes APK. To download this app, remember that as with the previous ones, you must have the option to “install apps from unknown sources” enabled. In order to do this, you have to go to Settings-> Security and activate the option “Unknown origins”.

Once this you can download the Free Tinytunes APK and install it on your Android mobile or tablet.

Gtunes Music

Gtunes Music is another good app to download free music that you will find in the form of APK since it is not on Google Play.

Gtunes Music has advertising but it is not intrusive at all, so it will not bother you at all when using the app.

How to download music with Gtunes Music: This is how it works

Gtunes Music uses different powerful search engines to find the song you are looking for, so the range of songs is very extensive. In addition, you can stop and continue with the app and use it in the background. It has another tool to edit ID3 tags, use songs as a ringtone and many more functions.

Like the Tinytunes app, Gtunes Music has a music player to listen to songs within the app. It also has an option where you can listen to a small part of the song before downloading it so you can make sure you are downloading the desired song.

Download APK from Gtunes Music

Gtunes Music is not available on Google Play but we give you the APK totally free and 100% safe since we have tested it. To do this you must have the option “install apps from unknown sources” enabled. In order to do this, you have to go to Settings-> Security and activate the option “Unknown origins”.

Once this is done, you can now download the Gtunes Music APK for free and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Before finishing the list, we have allowed ourselves the luxury of giving you another app to have all the free and current music of the moment. Spotify Premium is an app with which you can listen to all the music for free by streaming, listen to music offline and download it to your mobile. We show you below.

deezer android app

Deezer Music

In the Google Play Store, this app is one of the most downloaded to listen to all the music you want for free and without any complications. Taking into account that, in this way, it is one of the most used platforms in Android for this task, since it has a very varied library with more than 40 million songs that contain all genres.

In addition to this, Deezer Music stands out for sending personalized recommendations to each of its users and additionally, it facilitates the creation of its own music library. It also allows you to listen to mixes based on a certain song, artist or album; It has “Android Auto” to access playlists directly from the car and to ensure more advanced features, it has a Premium version.

Deezer is another of the best apps for streaming music and is the perfect alternative to Spotify Premium. With the version of Deezer Premium, you will be able to listen to all the songs in an unlimited way, without advertising, and without interruptions.

With the Premium version of Deezer you will also be able to download free music on mp3, yes, you will have to pay a monthly fee that depends on the selected plan: Deezer Premium for 9.99 euros per month and, a cheaper version It is called Deezer Family for 14.99 euros and is an option that can be hired for several people, making the premium price much cheaper.

Deezer Premium Features

  • Download your music to be able to listen to it offline
  • Better sound quality
  • Premium features
  • No ads
  • Synchronize songs to listen offline
  • Skip the songs you want
  • Enjoy all your lists and mixes
  • Search by artist
  • Create as many playlists as you want
  • See the lyrics of your favorite songs

Google Play Music

Another of the most famous solutions for Android devices, it is Google Play Music that provides a kind of radio without any cost and with ads, which automatically adapts to what you are doing, as well as your emotions and what you prefer to hear. Counting like this, with an option of musical collection, in which its users can upload up to a total of 50,000 songs to enjoy them from their mobile or Tablet.

In reference to its free version, it allows you to discover podcasts and subscribe to them, it also issues intelligent recommendations that are based on the specific tastes of each person. It has a subscription version that allows you to include up to 6 members and enjoy the entire service for an economical price.

Download mp3 Music Download from Google Play

The Music Download mp3 app is free and you will find it on Google Play. Although this version has advertising, it is not invasive at all because it has no push notifications.

AUP Music Downloader

It is an app that has extraordinary functions to play and listen to your favorite music directly from the platform since it supports a large number of formats that are commonly used today.

Now, detailing in detail the music formats that AUP supports, we indicate that they are: MP3, MP4, AC3, ARE, FLAC, WAV, MIDI, OPUS, WMA, TTA, ATRAC and many more. Even for greater advantage, it includes a media converter so that, with your help, you can modify the format of the files you want to hear or see, if necessary.

Being a completely fast service, very modern and absolutely safe because it does not track your information or your behavior. It also has valuable multimedia support and thanks to this, you can also see photographs and videos.

Spotify: Music and podcasts

This today, is one of the most famous apps to listen to music for free on Smartphone and Tablet, regardless of location.

Therefore, it is not only compatible with Android, but also with other recognized operating systems. In Spotify, you have access to all kinds of music and podcasts, with a variety of artists and albums. In addition, the app allows you to create the same playlists.

Among its main features, we highlight: You can play the songs in random mode, it has no restriction for its use and the platform is very easy to use. As for its paid version, it adds the function of listening to music in offline mode, it has a much higher sound quality and does not emit advertising.

SoundCloud Music

With many downloads worldwide in the Google Play Store, it is an app that in addition to allowing you to listen to the music of all genres, also adds more features.

One of them is the one that facilitates the discovery of podcast, news, and humor. Like, the possibility of following friends and artists within the same app.

In short, it has options to make playlists and collect the tracks you want. Among other details: SoundCloud has the latest music news, has a quick search to find songs, artists and other users directly. It also allows you to record sounds and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, also listen to your streaming wherever you are using data connection or WiFi.


we recommend you download and make use of this app of Brazilian origin that has many users worldwide and is designed to provide all kinds of music to its customers. In view of that, it adds a lot of bands and independent artists of all musical styles that exist today. Taking into account that, it has more than one million songs on its platform and all in MP3 format.

Similar to the other solutions, this app gives you the option to create fully customized playlists and in addition to this, it gives suggestions from many playlists created by music experts. As for its interface, it is extremely simple to handle and very striking.

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