Home Entertainment El marginal 3 ONLINE Chapter 4: How to watch online Episode 3×04?

El marginal 3 ONLINE Chapter 4: How to watch online Episode 3×04?

El marginal 3 ONLINE Chapter 4: How to watch online Episode 3×04?: Watch El marginal 3 ONLINE LIVE Chapter 4 on Public TV Argentina and Cont.ar | ” El marginal ” 3 will premiere this Tuesday, July 30, its fourth episode. The series continues to attract the attention of the spectators with the stories of the San Onofre Prison and the problems faced by the Borges brothers.

El marginal 3

[See El marginal 3 ONLINE LIVE Chapter 4 via Argentine Public TV and Cont.ar | El marginal 3×04 – Season 3 Episode 4 LIVE | Diosito and Mario Borges | San Onofre]

The third season of ” El marginal ” reached the middle of its journey. On Tuesday, July 30, Underground Productions premiered the fourth episode of the season via  Argentine Public TV, Channel 7 of Buenos Aires, with a story that continues to revolve around  the Borges brothers and the drug trafficking network they have built inside San Onofre, the Cristian adaptation ‘Moco’to confinement and new confrontations between prisoners. As expected, the fiction created by Sebastián Ortega has captured the attention of viewers, not only locals, but also from the rest of Latin America.

As you will remember, El marginal 3 addresses the history of the prisoners of San Onofre two years after the so-called ‘Mutiny of the Doves’ and a year before the kidnapping of Luna Lunati, which marked the first season of the Argentine series.

El marginal 3 ONLINE

In the previous chapter, released on July 23, Mario Borges was threatened with death by the leader of the Colombian cartel with whom he is doing business inside San Onofre, while ‘Moco’ sank in drugs after asking a guard to get the substance that the Sub 21 made him try in the first chapter, because he wanted to forget the traumatic episode of torture of which he was complicit.

El marginal 3×03 was full of action, suspense and included a sex scene of the strongest in the Argentine series. But the rating did not reach the numbers of the first episode.

El marginal 3 ONLINE

The third chapter of “El marginal” 3 was relegated to fifth place with 9.3 points, while its premiere marked an average of 13.5 points, with peaks of 14.2, a record for Public TV. On July 30, Underground and the creator of fiction, Sebastián Ortega, hoped to trace the figures with the start of the final stretch of the series.

HOW TO  WATCH El marginal 3 – CHAPTER 4 LIVE?

El marginal 3 is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:00 pm (local time) in Argentina via Public TV. By country, the hourly equivalent is as follows:

  • Peru – 8:00 pm
  • Colombia – 8:00 pm
  • Chile – 9:00 pm
  • Spain – 3 am of the following Wednesday

HOW TO SEE “El marginal” 3 – CHAPTER 4 ONLINE?

Each episode can be watched online for free through Cont.ar, the public and free audiovisual content platform of the Federal Public Media and Content System of Argentina.

In addition, seasons 1 and 2 of “El marginal” are available on Netflix. And in the coming weeks, this new season will be included in the catalog of the streaming platform.

According to Underground, it could reach Netflix once its original broadcast in Argentina is over.


In the advance of episode 4 of “El marginal” 3, the ‘Crazy’ Ortiz is transferred, to the surprise of the other inmates of San Onofre. Meanwhile, Ema sinks further into drugs and looks for the ‘cook’ to ask for more.

At another time, Diosito finds out that ‘Mechita’ was killed by order of his own brother and claims him furious for the fact. Apparently, the brothers who have mastery of the prison will end up fighting after this.

On the other hand, Cristiaa’s father goes to San Onofre and asks to see his son, but ‘Moco’, submerged in addiction, is lost. This will harm the Borges brothers, who desperately seek it, and at the same time, the culprit of their problems.

The Borges find out that the culprit of what happens to ‘Moco’ is Marco and the brothers will try to take revenge. To do so, they release ‘Pantera’ to beat the ‘Bruni’ nephew.


Cristian is very affected psychologically by having participated in the torture that God infringed a member of the Sub 21, so, to alleviate his remorse, he negotiates with a member of San Onofre security the delivery of the drug he tried at the party of the band that dominates the prison yard.

Meanwhile, Mario Borges is taken by force with the Colombian narco that provides him with the drug he traffics in prison. He claims at gunpoint, for the delay of his payment and ‘Marito’ he has no choice but to say that the money has been invested in a “big business” of drug trafficking in breast implants. The narco believes him and forces him to be part of the business. Without thinking twice, Mario will force ‘Tubito’ to “invent” the business promised to the narco in record time.

On the other hand, ‘Diosito’ receives the visit of his ex-girlfriend, Karina, forced by his brother to visit him in order that he finally forget his ex ‘Mechita’, who was killed by orders of Mario Borges in revenge for having him denounced and sent to prison. This is unknown ‘God.’

Antín takes revenge on ‘Blood sausage’ and has him beaten. And it is that ‘Morcilla’ attacks Emma, ​​the social worker of the prison because, supposedly, she boycotted her business of female prostitution within San Onofre; In addition, the threat to make public that drug.

Minutes later, Antín is seen trying to convince Emma to go to her side to face Estela Morales, general director of the national prison service.

Finally, the sudden business of Mario Borges will take shape when together with ‘Tubito’ they will explain to Antín how they will introduce the liquid drug into implants and with it, generate greater income from drug trafficking.

Also, in a new brawl generated in the dining room, ‘Moco’ will be injured and with it the problems of Los Borges will increase.


  • Nicólas Furtado – Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges
  • Claudio Rissi – Mario Borges
  • Lorenzo Ferro – Cristian “Moco” Pardo
  • Juan Minujín – Miguel Palacios / Osvaldo “Pastor” Peña
  • Esteban Lamothe – Patricio “Doc” Salgado
  • Roly Serrano – “Toad” Quiroga
  • Gerardo Romano – Gerardo Antín
  • Martina Gusman – Emma Molinari
  • Carlos Portaluppi- Morcilla
  • Abel Ayala – César
  • Sergio Sánchez – “Skinny” Borges
  • Veronica Llinás – Rita
  • Diego Cremonesi – Cuis
  • Rodrigo Noya – Nicólas Olmos “Oakis”
  • Daniel Fanego – Garofalo
  • Maite Lanata – Luna Lunati

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