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Spotify Wrapped 2020: Having a New Function Review

Spotify Wrapped 2020: Find the songs and artists you heard most in 2018 We are at the last push of Christmas and the end of 2018, so there is no better time to remember the year and the music that has meant the most to you.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify has presented its annual Spotify Wrapped feature for 2018, which shows all the songs and albums you’ve been broadcasting this year.

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Showing the most played songs

Did you spend the whole year listening to Drake like the rest of the world? Or does your wrapped Spotify reveal that you enjoyed A Star is Born perhaps too much?

Connect your Spotify account.

Then, the website will take you through your 2018 listening history, from your best artists and songs to the number of minutes you spent listening to music this year.

Spotify then compiles all this data into a Top 100 playlist so you can relive those musical memories.


In addition to the Spotify Wrapped custom playlists, the streaming company has published data on the most popular artists of the year.


Drake tops the list for the most broadcast artist in 2018 with 8.2 billion broadcasts this year. This has also won the Canadian rapper the crown for the artist with the most transmissions of all time.

Thank you, the next star, Ariana Grande, is recognized for being the most broadcast female artist, and her hit song after the breakup has already had more than 220 million broadcasts, even though it only premiered in November.

For the first time, Spotify has included some information about its podcasts. There are almost seven million podcast episodes to tune into Spotify, and the platform has launched some of its own exclusive series, as well as boot camps in the US. UU. And the United Kingdom to find new voices.


The German-language podcast Fest und Flauschig (Feast and Fluffy) was Spotify’s original number one podcast, although Amy Schumer’s 3 Girls, 1 Keith appeared on the top five list. The most widespread podcast genres were crime and mystery, comedy, news and politics, health and art.

So that’s Spotify Wrapped for 2018. Now you are free to listen to Santa Baby by Ariana Grande without appearing in your end of the year results.

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