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Pan American Games 2019: Live Stream, Schedule Dates & Tv Channels

Pan American Games 2019: Pan American Games Live Stream, Pan American Schedule Dates, Pan American Tv Channels & Pan American Games Venues. The Lima Pan American Games 2019 will open at the National Stadium this Friday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m. Learn all the details about the important sporting event.

Pan American Games 2019

The inauguration of the Pan American Games 2019 Lima Live scheduled for this Friday, July 26 from 6:00 p.m. in Peru at the National Stadium of Lima on the signal of Latina TV (channel 2 in SD and channel 702 in HD). The XVIII edition will feature 41 countries from the Americas in 39 sports that include 62 disciplines. This sporting event will be taken into account for the classification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Pan American Games 2019

The Republic sports will inform Pan American Games 2019 Live and Pan American Games Live the schedules of dates, schedules, venues, channels, participating countries, metallers, disciplines, sports, latest news and the medallion of Peru in the Pan American Games Lima 2019.

Once the Copa América fever has been overcome, Lima opens the XVIII Pan American Games on Friday, in which a fight without quarter between Brazil and Canada is anticipated for second place, with no possibility of surpassing the historic leader, the United States.

The former viceregal capital, with 10 million inhabitants, has temporarily forgotten political problems and was placed in Pan American mode days before the start of the event that will gather 6,680 athletes from the continent and about 175,000 tourists from around the world.

“In these Pan Americans, we have worked very hard to fulfill a commitment of the State of Peru to try to bring the best possible Games,” said the president of the Organizing Committee, Carlos Neuhaus.

For the first time since 1971, Cuba arrives at the Pan Americans without being the second continental power, a condition that is lost in Toronto 2015 after finishing in fourth place, below host Canada and Brazil.

With 1,948 golds accumulated since 1951, the United States seems unsurpassed in this fair, which will culminate on August 11 and in which athletes from 41 countries and territories across the Americas will compete.

Uncle Sam arrives in the Peruvian capital with veteran sprinter Justin Gatlin (37 years old), current world champion of 100 meters (London 2017), Olympic champion in Athens 2004 and twice suspended for doping.

For 2 weeks, Lima residents will be able to attend competitions in 61 disciplines and 39 sports, from riding to surfing, in 21 locations in Lima and the neighboring port of Callao.

The Organizing Committee took an oath to 12,000 volunteers and deLivered on time the last sports venue that was missing (for surfing), while work crews are still working hard on the last paving works around the Pan American Village, a complex of seven towers of 20 floors built in the south of the city.

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Historical medal table of the Pan American Games

This is the historic medal table of the Pan American Games , whose eighteenth edition will be held in Lima from July 26 to August 11

1. United States1,9481,4551,0274,430
2. Cuba8755935582,026
3. Canada4556558031,913
4. Brazil3283595201,207
5. Argentina2943314351,060
6. Mexico2212895021,012
7. Colombia108148228484
8. Venezuela92205277574
9. Chile4491151286
10. Dominican Republic2963112204
11. Puerto Rico2881134243
12. Ecuador283061119
13. Jamaica254660131
14. Guatemala20163975
15. Uruguay12264785
16. Trinidad and Tobago11222962
17. Bahamas9151637
18. Peru83369110
19. Netherlands Antilles591731
20. Costa Rica56920
21. Panama3192648
22. Suriname32510
23. Guyana241218
24. El Salvador181322
25. Bermuda1449
26. Cayman Islands1416
27. Antigua and Barbuda1135
28. Saint Lucia1023
29. Barbados041115
30. Nicaragua04711
31. Virgin Islands04610
32. Paraguay02810
33. Bolivia0268
34. Haiti0257
35. Honduras0246
36. Granada0224
37. Dominica0213
38. S. Christopher and Nevis0213
39. Belize0022
40. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines0022
41. Aruba0000
42. British virgins0000

When is the inauguration of the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima?

The inauguration of the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima is scheduled for next Friday, July 26 at 6:00 p.m. at the National Stadium and can be seen nationally from the Latin signal (channel 2 in SD and channel 702 in HD). The enclosure menti1d will receive the 41 delegations and it is estimated that approximately 60,000 people are on the stands.

The artists that will perform at the inauguration of the Pan American Games 2019 are Luis Fonsi, Juan Diego Flores, Sandra Muente, Shantall Young, Guillermo Bussinger, and Pelo D’Ambrosio. Also, musicians and dancers will join this great sporting party.

Who is the Peruvian flagman in the 2019 Pan American?

Athlete Stefano Peschiera is going through some of the best moments of his career. Not only for participating in the Pan American Games 2019, but also because he was chosen to carry the Peruvian flag during the inauguration at the National Stadium this Friday, July 26.

Stefano Peschiera said he feels ready to debut at the Pan American Games 2019, which will be held in Peru for the first time. The athlete who will carry the flag of Peru at the inauguration is 1 of the favorites to win a gold medal.

“At this time, at some point, the idea of ​​being flagged will have crossed my mind. Some media menti1d it, but I was so focused on my workouts that this didn’t take my sleep away. Now I take it with pride and a lot of motivation, ” Stefano Peschiera told Elpoli.pe.

“When they named me on the list, I knew there were possibilities, although the truth is that any of the other 2 athletes have the qualities and achievements to carry the flag. For me it is a privilege and an honor to be chosen. “

Finally, Stefano Peschiera said that he is extremely happy and will give everything to himself for the inauguration of the Pan American Games 2019. “The truth that I cannot imagine on the day of the inauguration. I am very happy, there is enough for it and I am not sure how I will feel. All I know is that I will be screaming with everything: Top Peru! ”, He concluded.

Channels that will broadcast the Pan American 2019 Live

  • Peru: Movistar Sports, Latin, Pan American, TV Peru.
  • Argentina: Public TV Argentina, TyC Sports.
  • Brazil: Rede Record.
  • Canada: Univision Canada, CBC-Radio Canada.
  • Chile: Chilevisión, CNN Chile, CDF, CDO.
  • Colombia: Win Sports, Claro Sports, Fox Sports, Signal Colombia.
  • Costa Rica: Reporter.
  • Ecuador: Ecuavisa.
  • United States: ESPN Deportes, Univisión.
  • Mexico: Claro Sports, ESPN, Televisa.
  • Paraguay: Lately, Tigo Sports.
  • Puerto Rico: ESPN.
  • Dominican Republic: Digital 15.
  • Uruguay: Channel 43, VTV.
  • Venezuela: The Tele Tuya.

Which countries participate in the Pan American 2019?

  • 1. Antigua and Barbuda
  • 2. Argentina
  • 3. Aruba
  • 4. Bahamas
  • 5. Barbados
  • 6. Belize
  • 7. Bermuda
  • 8. Bolivia
  • 9. Brazil
  • 10. Canada
  • 11. Chile
  • 12. Colombia
  • 13. Costa Rica
  • 14. Cuba
  • 15. Dominica
  • 16. Ecuador
  • 17. El Salvador
  • 18. United States
  • 19. Granada
  • 20. Guatemala
  • 21. Guyana
  • 22. Haiti
  • 23. Honduras
  • 24. Cayman Islands
  • 25. The British Virgin Islands
  • 26. United States Virgin Islands
  • 27. Jamaica
  • 28. Mexico
  • 29. Nicaragua
  • 30. Panama
  • 31. Paraguay
  • 32. Peru
  • 33. Puerto Rico
  • 34. Dominican Republic
  • 35. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • 36. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • 37. Saint Lucia
  • 38. Suriname
  • 39. Trinidad and Tobago
  • 40. Uruguay
  • 41. Venezuela

Torch lighting in the Pan American 2019

The Pan American flame will be lit with a torch that, using a relay system similar to that used by the “cheques”, the ancient Inca messengers, traveled about 6,000 kilometers through the Andean highlands, the Amazon rainforest, and the Peruvian coast.

The torch arrived in Peru from the ruins of Teotihuacán (Mexico) and was lit in the Inca st1 citadel of Machu Picchu, visiting 26 Peruvian cities in its march towards Lima.

With advice from the British government, the Organizing Committee took all infrastructure works from the Games on time, including the Pan American Village, with a capacity for 8,000 guests.

In some cases, new coliseums were built, such as the first athletic stadium in the country, but others were remodeled: it was the case of the velodrome and the Olympic Stadium of the University of San Marcos, where football matches will be played.

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