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Why Pakistan Independence Day is on August 14th?

Pakistan Independence Day: The partition of India and Pakistan was held on midnight on August 15, 1947. But Pakistan celebrates Independence on August 14. Know what’s behind it?

Today Pakistan is celebrating its 71st Independence Day. August 15, 1947, is the date of Indian history when our country was liberated from British rule. On the same day, Pakistan also got independence. But despite August 15, Pakistan celebrates its independence on August 14.

Why Pakistan Independence Day is on August 14th?

The reason behind celebrating the celebration of the independence of Pakistan on August 14 instead of August 15 is hidden. Actually, it happened that the acceptance of a different nation as Pakistan was done on August 14. On the same day, British Lord Mountbatten gave power to Pakistan by giving status to a nation.

Pakistan Independence Day

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In 1948, the date of independence in Pakistan was made on August 14. Many media reports also say that on that day was the 27th day of Ramadan. According to the Islamic calendar, it is considered a special and holy day.

Therefore, Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on August 14 every year on its Independence Day. According to media reports, the first postal stamp issued by Pakistan in 1948, the date of independence is recorded on August 15, 1947.

While Pakistan ‘s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the August 15 announcement of the birth of Pakistan. Under the Indian Independence Act, India and Pakistan were liberated on the same day.

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