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Send Flowers in a gift – The Meanings of flowers

Flowers in a gift: Perhaps nothing can so beautify, brighten a house and raise his spirits, as the look and fragrance of fresh flowers. Without these fascinating creatures, our lives would be poor and devoid of celebration. All women like to receive flowers as a gift. Also, flowers are appropriate as a gift for men.

Send Flowers in a gift

The choice of colors depends not only on the time of year, but also on whom we give a bouquet, and in what relations with this person we are. Sometimes a small bouquet can convey more touching tenderness and warmth, than luxurious, lush roses.

There is an opinion that the flowers, a gift with love from the heart, not wither longer than presented to without a soul. But it is useful to remember the biological compatibility of flowers. All plants emit phytoncides-volatile substances that destroy various microbes and have different effects on their neighbors.

Flowers in a gift

Suffice it to recall lilies and hyacinths, their strong aroma cannot stand the other flowers: if you put in a vase lily of the valley and lilacs, the lilacs immediately wither. Any flowers, especially roses, cannot be put on the TV and appliances, because of vibrations they quickly wither. Flowers do not like drafts, tobacco smoke, proximity to heaters and absolutely can not bear fruit, especially strong-smelling (fruits emit ethylene and its detrimental effects on the flowers).

It is believed that if the flowers in a bouquet of one species and less than 15, it is better to give an odd number. This tradition came from Japan, where the character for number four, in tune with the word “death”, so the funeral made to bring an even number of flowers. However, there are no strict rules in the etiquette on this subject.

The Meanings of flowers

You can give only one large flower of roses, gladiolus, strelitzia, amaryllis or branch of mimosa, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums. And it is beautifully to attach to the gift a small flower or a bouquet.

Of course, you can give any flowers, but better to know what they symbolize, what they say. Yes, the flowers, like all living things, are able to speak.

Depending on whom bouquet will be designed, pick up some flowers and even the packaging. You have to take into account the many nuances like age, sex, social status and the nature of your relationship with the person, whom you intend to present a bouquet. Also, if you want to send flower abroad, you have to know How to send flowers to the whole world easily.

The bouquet for the young person predominantly should be made with a combination of contrast and saturated colors. Bouquet intended middle-aged person should be in calmer colors. There are good for children an “air” bouquets, preferably of different and bright colors.

Flowers can be given to any holiday, on different occasions, as a token of gratitude, for example, for a nice evening. Flowers are accepted to give to artists, doctors, teachers, to all whom you want to express your appreciation for their work and attention.

Flowers are always nice and to nothing binding gift.

When you want to choose a bouquet, imagine that you already give it to you dear person, so you will never make a mistake in choosing.

You can insert a small card into the bouquet to explain the meaning of the flower. This would indicate that the bouquet was not chosen by chance. It will make your gift enduring.

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