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Team India New Jersey: Watch Here & Fan Reactions

Team India New Jersey:: ICC World Cup 2019 India New Orange Color Jersey: Fans on social media are making fun of the Indian team’s new jersey. On social media, the ICC took opinions from people about the Indian jersey, people gave fun answers. Fans wrote that it is the jersey of the employees of the petrol pump. While some fans countered jerseys with Hihirik and Fanta. Some people have even told it to be inspired by religion and politics. However, some fans even said it good.

Team India New Jersey

Team India New Jersey

So far many teams’ jerseys have been changed in the World Cup being played in England. In fact, the ICC has asked teams wearing Team India New Jersey similarly colored jerseys to wear different color jerseys so that not all players look alike during the match. The ICC asked to change the color of the jersey of India and gave the BCCI permission to select some colors. The BCCI has selected the jersey of the perfect orange color. Now India will wear an orange jersey instead of their regular blue jersey against England in the match scheduled on Sunday 30 June.

When the issue of fixing an orange jersey for the Indian team, cricket fans reacted like this. The ICC asked Fans to share a photo post, Twitter, asking how Indian orange looks like you, good, shocking or worse. As soon as the ICC asked the questions, Fans started joking about jerseys in response. One fan shared photos of the orange color of Harpic, writing that jersey is good. One fan wrote that this is the dress of petrol pump employees. While a fan also shares the photo of the first orange dress of petrol pump personnel.

While writing an answer on the social media to the ICC on the orange jersey for the Indian team, a fan shares the picture of Fanta Can by comparing the orange jersey to Fanta. While many fans commented on connecting the Indian team’s jersey with political parties. As told by jerseys religious and politically motivated. However, at the same time, some fences have given it a good reaction to the Indian team’s jersey, giving it a perfect one.

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