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Rookee App: Gain Exclusive Access to Elite Athletes Workouts

Install ROOKEE APP: The new rookee app will give you exclusive access to elite athletes’ workouts & nutrition info allowing you to “unlock” your inner athlete.

As every one of us knows, there are a lot of barriers to getting, and staying, fit. The expensive personal training sessions, the many hours researching the best way to work out and even the lack of social support. The barriers tend to pile up and in the end, turn into your excuses. However, a new app that has just launched in Australia is focused on breaking as many of those barriers down.

So here’s the deal on Rookee, and what sets it apart from the other fitness apps. It’s combining the unique training styles of elite sporting athletes from 24 categories including MMA, Tennis, Swimming, Cricket and even Golf. This allows you to analyze, follow and use that information to create your own workout.

Rookee App


Workouts are only half the equation, you still have to eat right to get proper results. So Rookee provides you with what athletes eat on their on season, offseason and game day. Soon to have a full-time dietician to add recipes to the meals to make them more “enjoyable” to the everyday fitness goer. So scroll through the different athlete’s profiles and pick out meals that suit your taste and your goal.


It’s daunting to go into a gym and try to figure out the machines and what’s the right way to use them. Plus have you ever received a workout plan from a trainer and it has words and instruction you just don’t understand? To break through this barrier, a video tutorial with training instructions were added to the app in order to teach the correct form, maximize your results and help to reduce the risk of injury. These exercises include both bodyweight only and using gym equipment.

Rookee App


One of the best feelings in when on your fitness journey is achieving a milestone you set, either it is losing a certain amount of weight, beating a certain running time or even just going to the gym more than once a week. Well write those goals down and keep accountable by sharing your best workouts in the Rookie Community. By using the “like” button as a ranking system you can see what the most liked workouts are and also directly copy them onto your profile to give the workout a go later on.


Unlike most fitness apps, Rookie is free to download. The aim of the app is to motivate you to become more active and help remove those barriers. The team realized that sometimes people just need to start, so why create another barrier of making you pay before you use it. To note there are advanced programs in the app designed by athletes that include a small fee, however, this payment is to help support athletes with their sporting careers.

Rookie is available for both Android and IOS, download today to start your fitness journey.

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