Home News An American invests 20,000 euros in surgery to look like Meghan Markle

An American invests 20,000 euros in surgery to look like Meghan Markle

An American woman has spent nothing more and nothing less than 20,000 euros in cosmetic surgery to look like  Meghan Markle.

Xochitl Greer,  36, originally from Houston, Texas, has undergone numerous aesthetic interventions to emulate Prince Henry’s wife, including an operation on cheekbones, nose and lip filling. In addition to this, Greer has performed several liposuctions on the belly and thigh area. And after spending his journey through the operating room, the woman’s lawyer has commented that his client feels like a real princess. “Every time I look in the mirror, I get happier, it’s an improved version of myself,” she said.




The natural beauty of the Duchess of Sussex

The moment he noticed the natural beauty of the Duchess of Sussex, he decided to invest all his savings in resembling her. “I like her, I’ve always thought she was a classy person and I think she’s extremely beautiful,” and added: “From a physical point of view, I thought I was beautiful and then on a personal level, knowing her a little more, increased my admiration. To her”. He also stressed that one of the things he liked most about the exam was “to know the things he went through, that he did not grow up with a determined life and the number of family problems he has been suffering for months,” he said.


A couple of years ago, after giving birth to her third daughter, Greer began to obsess about her physical appearance. She felt self-conscious, her clothes did not fit well and she did not feel comfortable with herself. It was then that the American began to feel an authentic admiration for the Duchess of Sussex. He took it as his reference and decided to start his transformation in order to look like her.



“I really like it, I’ve always thought it was a classy person and I think it’s absolutely beautiful,” he said during a presentation of  High Tea in Houston. He even pointed out that even his youngest daughter,  Isla,  23 months old, every time she sees a picture of  Meghan, she  shouts: “Mommy, mommy.”

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