Home News Mueller criticized the summary that the attorney general made of his report on the Russian plot

Mueller criticized the summary that the attorney general made of his report on the Russian plot

The special prosecutor in the case considered that the summary of the investigations presented by Barr did not reflect the essence and context of the work and could undermine public confidence.

The United States Attorney General, William Barr, was in charge of making public the main conclusions of almost two years of research on the Russian plot carried out by special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller.


breakbreakbreakHe did it on Sunday, March 24, two days after receiving Mueller’s report, of more than 400 pages, in a four-page letter with three big ideas: that the investigation was proven to be Moscow’s interference in the presidential elections, that he had found no evidence of collusion with Donald Trump or his entourage in this regard and that, as far as the president’s obstruction of justice was concerned, Mueller had not reached any conclusion. Barr did: he did not see a case either. That letter annoyed the special prosecutor, that the 27, as advanced tonight Washington Post, sent his to Barr criticizing that this synthesis did not capture either the “context” or the essence of the investigation.

breakbreakbreakbreakbreakbreakbreakbreak“The letter summarized the Justice Department sent Congress and gave the public the afternoon of March 24 did not reflect fully the context, the nature, and substance of the conclusions of this office and their work,” Mueller said, according to a copy of the letter to which the Post had access. “Now there is public confusion,” he continued, “in terms of critical aspects of the results of the investigation, which threatens to undermine the principal objective for which the Justice Department appointed a special prosecutor: to ensure public confidence in the results of the investigation.”.



The text, which other media have echoed tonight, does not specify what elements of the summary that Barr made that Friday in March Mueller considers more distorted or inaccurate. On April 18, when the report of the Russian plot was made public almost in its entirety – something more than 10% of the content was censored for reasons of security or privacy of third parties, among other reasons-, what emerged was very uncomfortable of the White House.



The document noted that Trump lobbied to torpedo the investigation of the Russian plot, including the attempted dismissal of Mueller himself. He also described the many meetings between those close to the president and those close to the Kremlin at the time of the election campaign. In his conclusions, Mueller did not see in these contacts sufficient evidence of coordination in the Russian stratagem, that sought to favor the victory of the Republican over Hillary Clinton. As for the possible case of obstruction of justice, Mueller leaves the matter in a gray area: he does not exonerate it, he says, but neither does he accuse him.


Speaking to NBC, Rudy Giuliani, one of the president’s attorneys for this case, replied to the matter of the letter that if Mueller “did not want confusion” he should “have made a decision”. “They named him special prosecutor to make decisions and the fact that he did not do it tells me that [President Trump] was innocent.” The attorney general, William Barr, testifies this Wednesday before the Senate. Democrats will examine you on this matter.

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