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Table saw basics: Things you should know before a table saw operation

Table saw basics

In recent years, woodworking has become very popular among most Americans. People love it because it is an activity or skill of making wood-items of their imagination. Also, they can use leisure time in making wooden structures, and it is another motive to love woodworking.

As there are lots of tools and techniques related to woodworking, most of us don’t know how to use them, especially the table saw. And so, some people can’t make their desired furniture though.

A table saw is one of the essential equipment which you need for woodworking. Generally, it features a circular saw blade, arbor, motor and more. And you will find other types of table saws which come with different features in the market.

No matter what kind of table saw you are using to cut your board, make sure you know how to use it before operating. As you know, you need to learn about your table saw and follow some method to get the best work. Thus you may read the article to know things before a table saw operation.

Parts of the table saw


Generally, you will find the wheels on the front, and the right sight of the table saw. These wheels are adjustable, and you can use them to raise and lower the height of the blade, and also you can adjust the angle of the blade for cutting. Most manufacturers use plastic, aluminum or similar materials to make these wheels. You can find chrome-plated wheels in the market as well.


The top surface of the saw is known as the table. It supports the blade at the time of operation. They are usually comprised of iron, steel or aluminum. No matter what materials have been used in the table, make sure it is flat.


Wings help to increase the capacity of crosscutting by giving enough support to the table saw. These are situated on the top side of the table. And you should check these wings before operating any table saw as they aren’t less important than the other parts of the table saw.

Rip Fence

The rip-fence section is essential which you should check properly. It gives guidance to the blade while ripping cuts. Also, rip fence allows you to cut in a square. In case the fence is not aligned to the blade, it may create dangerous kickback of the lumber.


The rails provide support to the rip-fence, and they are mounted on the front and rear of the table saw. They are usually made of steel and come in various lengths. And it dictates the maximum width of rip cuts as well.

Miter Gauges

Miter gauges help you to cut down woods in different angles such as 90degrees for square cuts and 45 degrees for mitered cuts. After setting the miter gauge, you can comfortably cut woods with your table saw.

Miter Slot

It is a groove which runs from front to back on the table. A table saw comes with two miter slots which are placed on each side of the blade. The standard size of the miter slot is ¾” wide by 3/8″ deep. However, there are different sizes available as well.

Throat Plate

Throat plate is made of metal, wood or plastic and it is inserted into the tabletop of the saw. The plate surrounds the blade, and the plate helps you to remove as well as adjust the blade. There are two types of throat plates, and they are the Zero-clearance throat plate and dado throat plate.


The most significant part of any table saw is its motor. And you find two types of engines in any table saw. These motors are the Universal direct-drive motor and the induction motor. The direct-drive motor allows you to operate at very high speed, and an Induction motor enables you to adjust the speed from slow to high. It generates less noise than the universal direct-drive motor.


They are located at the front and back of the saw to support the motor. These are manufactured with metal, and they come in u-shape. Again, trunnions help to keep the blade aligned with the miter slot and rip-fence. It also helps to reduce the vibration from the motor.

Rack gears

Rack gears allow you to raise and lower as well as tilt the motor. They are located on the cradle and arbor assembly. When the wheels rotate rods with worm gears, they engage the rack gears to move the blade.

Types of cuts

Anyone can cut lumber or sheet goods with a table saw. But it is hard to cut woods systematically unless we know the types of cuts and how to prune. Here are some significant reductions that you should know before operating a table saw:

Rip Cut – It is a cut that goes down the length of the board.

Crosscut – You need to cut across the width of the material.

Miter Cut-  You have to cut at an angle to the board.

Bevel Cut- Here, you should cut at an angle through the board’s thickness, length, and width.

Groove Cut- It is a slot cut which goes along the length of the board’s surface.

Dados Cut- You need to apply the groove cut across the width of the wood.

Rabbets Cut- When you cut along the edge of the wood by following the groove cut method, it becomes a rabbet cut.

And you can also use the table saw to cut various types of joints. If you cut any wood-joint following one of the methods, it will be the joint cut. There are several joint cuts including tenons, lap-joint, dovetail, box-joint, miter joint and bridle joint.


As you know, table saws are dangerous devices, and they can cause severe damage if you carelessly operate them. Thus you should pay attention to your safety. And for that, you can wear safety glass and glove while performing. After finishing your work, use blade guard to prevent accidental contact with the blade.


Table saw is an essential tool for all woodworkers. Without the proper use of it, they probably can’t build any wooden thing.  Although some have table saws, they can’t work thoroughly. Generally, it happens when they use the wrong table saws.

Therefore, they need to be sure that they have the best table saw for woodworking. And by checking the mentioned above things, anyone can detect the best one. We recommend that a competent woodworker should spend much time inquiring the feature of a table saw before purchasing or operating with it.

We hope the article can help you know more details about a table saw and you learn the required things that you should know before a table saw operation.

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