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Trump expresses his support to the Libyan Marshal Hafter

The president of the United States telephones the military leader and addresses his shared vision of a transition towards “a stable and democratic political system” in the country.

Donald Trump expressed his support this week to Libyan Marshal Khalifa Hafter, who leads an offensive against Tripoli and wants to depose the Government of National Unity backed by the United Nations. The president of the United States spoke by telephone with the military on April 15, according to the White House on Friday communicated through a statement, and in that conversation “recognized the significant role of Field Marshal Hafter in the fight against terrorism and [ to] secure the oil resources of Libya, and the two spoke of a shared vision for a transition from Libya to a stable, democratic political system. ”

Hafter attacked the outskirts of Tripoli on April 4 through a column of 300 vehicles backed by air forces . Shortly thereafter, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned that the Administration rejected the use of military force, but Trump’s call and the subsequent communiqué point to a third change by Washington.

The marshal controls the eastern part of the North African country and has the support of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and France. Libya remains divided between east and west since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and, since 2014, suffers the confrontation of the Government supported by the UN with the forces of the Libyan National Army, the marshal. In their conversation this week, Hafter and the US leader addressed the “ongoing anti-terrorist efforts and the need to achieve peace and stability” of Libya.

This Saturday, according to the AFP news agency, the fighting was doubled at the gates of Tripoli, after forces loyal to the National Unity Executor announced an “attack phase” against the marshal’s troops. “Orders have been issued since the early morning to move forward and gain ground,” Mustafá al-Meyii, a spokesman for the UN-backed government military operation, said on Saturday.

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