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Floral Decoration Ideas for All Tastes

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Each of the details chosen for the decoration of marriage, are important to build that dream environment in which you want to wrap this important celebration. In particular, the choice of flower arrangements for a wedding requires care and special dedication because they are responsible for putting the touch cheerful, glamorous and very symbolic in every corner, regardless of whether you want to create a decoration for a simple marriage or if yours will be a wedding full of sophistication. Taking into account the tastes of the couple and the spirit of the ceremony, you can choose flowers of a single tone, combine different types and colors or build arrangements with wildflowers and elements such as spikes or feathers, always thinking of forming a beautiful set with the rest of the decoration and of course with all the trousseau including the wedding dress.

Flowers and Colors

In the same way that at the beginning of the planning, a motive or a predominant color is defined that will accompany all the details, from the design of the invitation cards, having a flower as a protagonist will give unity to the decoration of the wedding. Although roses are the first to appear on the list, you do not necessarily have to bow down to this flower. You can choose your favorite, the one that talks about your personality, that brings you good memories or the first one that your boyfriend gives you.

Flower Arrangements for a Wedding

Once this is clear it will be easier to define the elements that will accompany it to shape your bridal bouquet, the decoration of the church for marriage and other arrangements that will make your place a celebration full of color, harmony and vitality.

High or Low

This decision will have a lot to do with the distribution of the place and the type of furniture they have chosen. The centerpieces for the wedding must be consistent with the number of guests, the type of banquet and, above all, besides looking beautiful, allow your family and friends to share the happiest day of your life comfortably.

The tall arrangements can be achieved using glass vases with flowers of tall stems that protrude a little or with metal bases, placing the flowers on the top allowing some leaves like ivies or vines to fall on the table. This type of decoration is ideal for large rooms with high ceilings.


If you prefer that the flowers look shorter and achieve a vintage wedding decoration, the arrangements can be extended on the table forming a path, on a wooden board, a base of large leaves like the palm or the bullet or simply with foam florist in the center.

Another trend that has accompanied the decoration in recent seasons are the flowers hanging from the ceiling and ‘fall’ on the tables, either formed by a wooden ring or as a sphere with foam center, giving the feeling that literally, the Spring is flooding the place. Likewise, this alternative can be applied to decoration for civil marriage, which will surely fill the atmosphere with pure romanticism.

Innovating with Materials and Forms

Flowers alone can fill the celebration with joy and festive spirit, but combined with striking or ordered elements in a fun and modern way, they will give a very personal touch to the decoration of the wedding room. You can decide to coordinate metal bases with glass containers or include natural elements such as jute and wood. Pewter pots and rustic porcelain are the order of the day especially to decorate country marriages with a vintage or less formal. Colored ties, spikes, feathers, beads or lace can also be used to impregnate the decoration with your seal.

The floral details present in your marriage will not only make everything look beautiful, but the smell of romance will float in the environment whether your celebration is formal or an open-air marriage. Make the floral arrangements have a personal touch, you can accompany them with a decorative detail such as posters or the acclaimed wooden cuts that have some love phrase, this combination will make your wedding the most romantic and will make your guests sigh.

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