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22 Blogging Tips for Beginners – [Must Read Before Start]

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Blogging Tips for Beginners: I’ve been blogging on various blogs for many years now. The most successful of my blogs is earlyintime, on which I regularly publish posts for over 10 years. And I live from my blogs now.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

I’ve learned a lot over the years. Often the hard way. Today I list out of this wealth of experience, in my opinion, the most important tips for aspiring bloggers. This will make your blog really successful.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

The best tips for blogging beginners

  • ReadIf you blog in a specific industry, you should stay up to date. That’s why bloggers should also read a lot. Of course, especially other blogs. This also dramatically improves your writing skills.
  • ContactNobody is an island. And especially for bloggers, it is very important to make contacts. Of course, especially to other bloggers, but also to companies in their own industry. After all, at some point, you want free test pattern submissions, ad campaigns or the like.
  • Aims“Who does not know the goal, for which no way is the right one”. That’s a saying. And of course, that’s true when blogging. Only if you have one goal or several goals, you can derive the right measures from it. And of course, you can only measure success if you have set goals in advance.
  • PlanGoals make plans. Which contents do I write? Where do I try to get links? Which marketing tools do I use? Which target group am I addressing? Until when do I want to have achieved something? A good plan also makes daily work easier.
  • NicheAll kinds of blogs are already enough. If you want to be successful, you should look for a thematic niche that you can use optimally. Although the target group may be smaller for a while, it feels optimally addressed and is more loyal. This also pleases advertisers.
  • ItemsYou should never start a blog without at least 5 articles. The first impression counts and anyone who finds an empty blog will most likely not come back.
  • FearMany budding bloggers are concerned about whether their articles are good enough. This is completely normal. Free yourself from the idea of ​​being perfect. If only perfect blogs were read, then the internet world would be very empty.
  • Unique contentThe content is the most important criterion for the success of a blog. So do not just chew up some news that is on 100 other blogs to read. Include your own experiences in your articles and write your own opinion in. Make your articles unique.
  • Search Engine OptimizationMany do not like SEO. It’s not about any prohibited measures, but the optimization of your own blog. That also recommends Google. There are, for example, free WordPress plugins. I’ve written a lot on blog SEO here on the blog.
  • RegularlyIt is very important to blog regularly. Whether that is every day or once a week is up to you. But if you blog for 2-3 days and then write nothing again for a month, you will rarely succeed and not find many regular readers.
  • Own styleTo keep your readers in mind and stand out from the mass of other blogs, you must, among other things, develop your own style. Your “voice” must have a recognition value. This usually goes by a nice, friendly and communicative style. There are bloggers who get a lot of attention through pamphlets and the like. But that is usually not permanent.
  • ErrorMistakes are important. And despite all the tips, you will also make mistakes. But that is very good because you learn more from it than from successes. And only those who always learn will be successful in the long term.
  • To linkMany bloggers are very frugal with links to the outside world. That’s a big mistake. Only those who diligently and without remorse, (ie without “nofollow” :-)) linked to other blogs and websites, gets backlinks. Then you do not need to start with link exchange or something like that.
  • Social webIn addition to Google’s visitors, today many readers come across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You should take advantage of this by posting your good articles there and asking your readers to share them.
  • Reader FeedbackEvery comment and every email is worth gold. Respond to questions in comments, thank you for your praise and receive criticism. Those who come into contact with their readers create a personal level that turns repeat visitors into unique readers. In addition, you learn a lot about the wishes of the target group.
  • Your eyeIt took me a while. But at some point, I have developed an eye for topics that may be interesting for my blogs. Going through the (on- and offline) world with open eyes and picking up the desires, problems, worries etc. of the people in order to make good articles out of them.
  • CompetitorThe competition can be very helpful. Learn from the competition and put the learned into your own blog. You do not have to have the best of all blogs. It is enough if it is better than the blogs of your competitors. 🙂
  • MoneyMaking money with blogging is a nice thing. But who blogs only because of the money, will lose the desire someday. Money should never be the # 1 motivation in blogging. Otherwise, there is a great chance that your blog will not last long.
  • PatienceForget all about getting rich overnight gurus. Building a blog is hard work and most of them are not rich. However, if you have the necessary patience and motivation, you may at some point live from blogging. I did that after a few years.
  • TechnologyKeep your blog software up to date. WordPress, for example, regularly publishes updates. Or do you want your blog to get hacked? If you use a blog service, you do not have to worry about it.
  • DesignThe look is important. It’s like in real life. Your posts may still be so good, if your blog looks bad and is badly usable, you will not find many readers. Best of all, you choose a suitable free theme (for example for WordPress ) and adapt it gradually to your ideas.
  • FunIf you want to write articles for your blog regularly or even every day, you have to have fun with it. If you do not enjoy writing, it will be difficult in the long run.

Are these all tips?

Certainly not. These are subjective tips that I have put together here. But as I too learn every day, new experiences and new know-how come over and over again.

That’s why I’m sure I’ll write a second article in the future to help aspiring bloggers. Have fun blogging.

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