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The Best Time to Post a Blog – [to Publish New Articles]

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Best Time to Post a Blog:  As a blogger, do you regularly write new articles and then? You publish these immediately or at certain times?

The release time of new articles is often a matter of personal preference or writing workflow. Many bloggers post an original post right after they write it. That’s how I did it for a long time.

The Best Time to Post a Blog

But is this the right course of action or should you choose another release date to get a lot of attention for the article? Why it pays to think about when is the Best Time to Post a Blog or your articles, you will find out below.

best time to post a blog

The optimal release date

Publishing a blog article immediately brings benefits. So you get immediate feedback if you’re deep in the topic. Moreover, it makes sense in the news, if the item appears immediately.

But there are also disadvantages. So it is often associated with stress if you write to publish the same. What else is on vacation or when you are free?

And you will not always be ready for the optimal time with a new article. Should one publish this in the afternoon or wait until the next morning?

The last point is important because a lot of new blog articles are fighting for attention online. That is why it is essential to achieve optimal visibility.

When is the best time for publication?

There is no simple answer to this question, as of course it always depends on the topic and your target group.

So it probably does not make much sense during the week to publish an article for a young target group at 9 o’clock because it is in school. On the other hand, business topics on the weekend may be out of place, because the readers are free.

One way to find the optimal publication time is to look at your blog stats when most readers are online.

In Google Analytics you have to create a custom report for it. To do this, go to your Analytics account at the top of “Personalize” and then under the item “Custom Reports” on the button “New Custom Report.”

Now you select for measurement groups “sessions,” which can be found under the item “user.” For dimension breakdown, you select in the point “times” the sub-item “hour.”

It is very nice to see that the visitors are here already in the morning and it decreases slightly in the evening.

best time to post a blog

By contrast, my board game blog looks a little different

Here are less traveling in the morning. But in the afternoon and in the evening, more visitors are passing by.

By the way, you can also choose “weekday” instead of “hour” and then see on which days of the week most visits take place.  Incidentally, the first day is Sunday in Google Analytics.

Know target groups and more

Of course, it also helps if you know your target group well. When do they surf the net or when are they even online?

Even at individual meals, such as breakfast and lunch or even after work, some users are particularly often online. These are good times for new articles.

Of course, social media also plays an important role. There is an analysis of when it is particularly busy, but you should not rely on it alone, but look into your social network statistics.

Find out the perfect release date

But you should not just choose a specific time, but test what that brings. Although the tests are only partially comparable, as always different articles are published, which in itself get different amounts of attention.

Nevertheless, it pays to test different times for 2-3 weeks each and see what that brings.

On the one hand, you could test the publication of new articles early at 7 o’clock, as well as at 2 p.m. With 10 to 20 pieces per test you can already see if there are apparent differences.

My experiences

I used to publish an article when I finished it. That was also like noon or even in the afternoon. For various reasons, I have now started to prescribe articles. This now allows me to test different publication times and to use different times for publication, depending on the blog.

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