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The Symptoms of a Dirty Air Filter in Your Car

Dirty Air Filter Car: Several indications usually sign the damaged of car components. One of them can be seen in the water filter or air filter.

Vehicles that run well can help drivers reduce overall operating costs. Changing the air filter is one way to provide maximum efficiency while driving. Not only the engine, the condition of the air filter influences the effectiveness of the fuel used. The air filter is an important factor in the efficiency of your trip.

Symptoms of a Dirty Air Filter in Your Car

Make sure you pay attention to the signs given by your car to replace the air filter. This component needs to be checked or even replaced if it shows some indication.

dirty air filter car

Ignition Problems

Problems when starting a vehicle can be a clear sign that car air filters require replacement. It is because the air filter decreases in terms of performance, it will allow dirty air into the engine leading to bad spark plug.

When spark plugs are affected by dirt and other contamination, spark plugs cannot play their role in engine ignition. Driving with dirty plugs from poorly performing air filters will often find that it takes several attempts to start the engine.

Wasteful Fuel

Dirt left to accumulate in the air filter will block air intake for combustion. If the air is lacking, the engine will compensate by increasing the amount of fuel so the car has enough energy to go.

Difficult To Be Starter

Insufficient air intake will make the composition of air and fuel in the combustion chamber not fit. Gradually, it will contaminate the spark plug and make the car difficult to divert.

Unusual Engine Sound

When the car engine is turned on, listen carefully whether there is an unusual sound or even feel excessive vibration. If it happens, check the condition of the air filter because it might be full of dirt. As explained in the second point, a dirty air filter will affect the spark plug. If it happens, the components in the ignition system will be disrupted and make the engine feel limping.

The Engine Lights Up

The engine light that lights up when the engine operated is an indication that there is interference with the engine. One of them is a mixture that is not balanced between fuel and air. Dirty air filter conditions can cause this.

The Dirty Fuel Air

If the smell of dirty fuel and exhaust gases, air filters can certainly be cleaned or replaced if the appearance is full of dust. You can clean this component yourself by removing it and slowly tapping it so that dirt falls out. It would be better if the dirt is cleaned with an air compressor. However, if the condition is too dirty, you should replace it with a new one because the price is relatively not too expensive.

The Different Appearance Of Air Filter

Filter appearance is one of the clearest indicators of this problem. Most new air filters are pure white. But when the filter becomes damaged over time, it will often turn dark, due to dirt and debris that has been lodged or lodged in the air filter.

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