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Best 35+ Best Earth Day Images – (Pictures with Quotes)

Earth Day Images: Earth Day Pictures The 22nd of April is the date marked on the calendar to celebrate Earth Day. A celebration that arose in the United States, in the decade of the 70′, with the objective of inviting reflection and promoting initiatives on the protection of the environment and reducing pollution levels on our planet.

Earth Day Images

Earth Day images

April 22 is another opportunity to remember that the Earth needs the collaboration of all to advance towards the same goal, which is to take care of it and conserve it. A need that worries more if it is possible as a result of the constant increase in pollution and the consequent climate change, which is affecting not only animals and nature but also many communities.

Earth Day Images Pictures

For all this and because it is a day to pay tribute to our planet and recognize the Earth as our home, we have compiled famous earth day quotes about the environment to reflect and to invite to enjoy, also, the selected images of our planet, the Land.

The concern about the damage that human activity produces to our planet has been growing in recent years due to phenomena such as global warming, and the increasingly alarming shortage of water.

That’s why since 1970 on April 22 is dedicated to commemorating Earth Day as a reminder about the importance of protecting the environment.

Although this is a cause that must be borne in mind in daily life, this date has become an excellent opportunity for brands to carry out campaigns in favor of the environment, for organizations to spread the subject and that we as individuals Let us undertake actions raising awareness and contributing to diminishing the environmental impact; for brands it is an excellent opportunity to generate engagement marketing, and for people, to raise awareness.

Earth Day St Patrick's Day Images

In this framework, Expok shares inspiring images that can help you promote the care of our world so that more and more people join this important mission. Help us taking these images to your social networks and join the cause.

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