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13 Best Sports Apps for Android and iOS

Best Sports Apps: Practicing sports, besides being very beneficial for health, is a social complement that unites people with common goals. According to Fjord’s 2016 trend study, the “micromovements” have a growing role, and thanks to apps, in this case, sports, we interact with other users, sharing, for example, data from our training and better brands … One way to take the sport to another point, making it more social and fun.

Best Sports Apps

Best Sports Apps

The widespread use of smartphones and wearables has meant that Best Sports Apps have become basic tools when preparing training, races or cycling routes. From the position in which you are (GPS), to the distance that you travel, or the data on routes; until the measurement of the calories consumed during the effort. Everything is susceptible to be quantified and shared on the networks thanks to the increasing proliferation of apps for sports.

Most apps are available for Android and IOS and can turn a smartphone into a real personal trainer. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Bike & Go

The ultimate mobile app for every lover of cycling. It has more than 50 routes throughout Spain to which you can add the ones you make yourself. It allows you to connect to different wearables such as heart rate monitors, cadence meters, speed … It also allows you to compare routes and races with friends and users according to kilometers, speed and in which you will have all the information and updated news of the Movistar Team.

2. Endomondo

In addition to monitoring physical activity, it is a social network where you can compete with friends and followers. It can also be used as a personal trainer. The app records the physical activity we do. With the simple fact of starting the device will record all the data of the training, unevenness, average speed, etc.

3. Fitbit

It allows to monitor daily activity, record sleep, and control weight and body index to improve the user’s sporting experience. In addition, and notifications with motivational messages and congratulate when the objective is fulfilled.

4. RunKeeper

Allows seeing detailed career statistics. It is an app designed for people who want to progress in the face of marathons, or for those who make their first steps in the races. It uses the GPS of the mobile to control the distance, the kilometers traveled, etc., and has an added value: the use of Spotify to listen to songs by streaming while the training is carried out.

5. Runtastic Pro

Through this platform, it is possible to track and analyze training and statistics. And it’s not just for runners since it can be configured for bike routes and other activities such as aerobics, climbing or hiking. It also allows sharing and interacting with data in social networks. So great has been its success that, in 2015, it was acquired by the sports brand Adidas.

6. Strava

It facilitates the sharing of routes and the creation of specific sections for your followers to see your times. A way to control workouts and measure performance with other users who have made the same routes. Strava uses the GPS technology of smartphones to record all types of data related to their activities. From the speed or distance traveled to a detailed map of the route taken.

7. Zombies Run

As if it were a video game, the user has to use the headphones and run to cover the different objectives and save the life before the zombie holocaust that takes place while the athlete runs and reaches the end of the stage. In fact, you will receive instructions with more than 200 missions so that the “undead” cannot capture you.

Family life, work, schedules of sports centers … Too many variables that do not allow the necessary exercises in the right time. Well, there are other types of apps oriented to the sport that serves as a guide to carry out a good training plan. There are no excuses:

8. Ballet Beauty

Virtual classes in which to practice different dance positions, allowing to perform the postures for 15 or 20 minutes from any device.

9. Minute Workout

Program of seven minutes at a high intensity in which abdominals are performed, jumps, squats …, combined all with short periods of rest. The app allows keeping an exact time control.

10. Yoga Studio

It makes it possible to select the level, duration or section of the class that most interests. More than 280 postures and 65 sessions to perform yoga anywhere.

This universe of sports apps does not end with monitoring options or exercise plans. There are other types of apps that, in addition to having performance data, provide added value when looking for locations for sports, such as apps for “risk” practices :

11. Cliff Jumping

Jumps with paragliding jump on cliffs … This type of sport has the incentive of dangerousness and the huge amount of adrenaline that exudes the person who performs it. To safely enjoy the jumps, in addition to the existing prevention rules, we have the support of this app, which will warn of the climatic parameters and give full information on the height of the cliffs where they are carried out. Besides, you can add your own locations and consult the multimedia area to watch videos and photos of other users’ jumps.

12. Extreme Sports Map

Have you traveled to any place on the planet and do not know what sports are practiced? With this app, you have the solution to a single click on the screen. Through a Google Maps screen, you will have at hand the options available in each place you visit: where to do skydiving or where to make bicycle routes through the best places of those places, for example.

13. kit global Kitesurfing Travel Guide

Kitesurfing is a sport that is gaining followers on the coasts, and one of its main pioneers is Gisela Pulido (10 times world champion). A sport that depends on the force of the wind. And thanks to this app it is possible to have different weather variables to enjoy the wind and the sea. Another strong point is the suggestions and multimedia data from more than 200 places in the world to practice sports such as surfing, windsurfing, etc.

And to all this, we must add that there is another type of people who consume and enjoy sports without practicing it. Amateurs who, for various reasons, are not practitioners but regular followers.

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