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Top 7 Beautiful Nail Designs for Feet – (With Photos)

Beautiful Nail Designs for Feet: For girls who like to have well-groomed feet and decorated with nail polish, I want to leave some of the best models I found.

I always understand that you should not only select a theme such as animals, flowers, hearts or for different dates or special days such as ChristmasHalloween or Valentine’s Day to express your love.

Beautiful Nail Designs for Feet

Because summer is here and we all want to look splendid and more than anything we seek to innovate and we think of designs that surprise because it is always good to change a bit. Generally, women like to play with our look, either because of the change in clothes, paint our eyelashes, change our color or haircut, play decorating our nails both hands and feet so I want to leave some of the best images for you to see what are the trends of what is using in this last time is usually more for teenagers but many more adult women are risking to be more daring and be able to look with more colors or with the mixture of colors plus accessories in the nails.

Nail Designs for Feet
Nail Designs for Feet

All the designs that I leave you can use them to get ideas of what they can do or it is simply for you to imitate what you see in the images, which is what we need apart from patience and you want some glazes of various colors if they think that they are going to do something more colorful, some appliques that most of them can be glitter or else self-adhesive figures of flowers, hearts, cartoons, and several more reasons but those that name them are the most chosen by the girls.

1: Design With Appliques on the Toenails Where We Observe White and Black Stones

Nail Designs for Feet
Nail Designs for Feet

With a base of white enamel we can see how it can be done with dots as if it were a simulation of dice or forming letters as initials to decorate our nails the best of this type of design that we can use our imagination, but what we have to have to take care of the glue that we use for these stones to put as a decoration on the nails since having them on the feet can be easily removed.

2: Highlight Only One Toenail With a Fingernail Color Contrast

If we like more colors and minimalist designs for our look, the best we can use is all the nails of a single color of enamel as it can be within the range of red and then combine a nail that can be that of the big toe with a combination that we like or that is consistent with the clothing we are going to wear or find.

3: Flowers With Applique on the Nails With a Red Background

We find the classic design of nails painted with red enamel in the background where every woman we know how to make but with a detail that we can see in this photo of a video that I could get very interesting where you put a white flower applique that we can Use for example for spring with beautiful sandals and white lines that come out of the flower.

Nail Designs for Feet
Nail Designs for Feet

4) Intense Red Nails Where the Flowers Are Hand Painted With a Bijouterie Stone Sconce

As we see in these toes with detail in the photo, I only paint the big toe with different pink lines with a flower detail with a highlight to apply then the other nails are of a smooth color where it is a much simpler job and they remain very Well for spring this kind of beautiful designs.

5) Nails of the Feet With a Different Design of Yellow With Cartoon Characters and Animals

The different thing that we see is that we can implement it for girls as well as teenagers with more intense colors such as yellow combined in each nail with white color which in the big nail of the biggest finger, as usual, we highlight the character and then as a detail of this nice cat we can put the fingerprints on each finger which is very simple with a thick point and then three smaller dots that surround it.

6) Flowers on the Toes for a Night Out With Dark Blue Background

Nail Designs for Feet
Nail Designs for Feet

This is a nail design that I liked so much that I could get an international site where the designs give much importance to what are the night outs as we can see there is a glaze and shine on each nail to highlight what we see as a flower that can be an appliqué or a relief to highlight on each finger, although I can criticize that overloading each design on the smaller nails costs much more to differentiate the design.

7) Fingers With Different Designs That Combine in One

This is a clear example of a played design where a lot do not match the geometrical figures we have and we find but that can be a very good idea for a young and adolescent solution where what matters is the freshness that is why we find it from the fattest finger to the one that continues from a smooth painting with a fluo enamel and a black and white in different zigzag lines.

How to Paint the Nails
How to Paint the Nails

One of the most commonly used decorations that I think are the easiest to make are those that make a single color background in the nail and then with another color you add fine lines or dots, but you can also make a nail each color to give a different touch when wearing them, this style I think is more for an informal out in the afternoon but never for the night for the night is more than anything more sober with some detail with brightness but always depends on I like each one of you.

that’s why I found it interesting to leave you some of these images so that you can use them more than anything to see what designs There are so that they can be encouraged to perform some or all of the models, I invite you to show us the designs they make so that we have more options when choosing because we are many women who like to look beautiful and stylish.

So friends I leave these pictures of nails decorated for our feet are a total of seven and all with good designs that can make them and show off with a nice sandal to go for a walk or daily use because a woman should look very beautiful every day is something that we must all implement, well enjoy each one of the images that I leave you and draw your toenails.

Nail Designs for Feet
Nail Designs for Feet

If you girls liked the ideas I gave you about different designs, you can leave me your messages commenting on which are your favorites or which ones are going to be made, I am to do some when I have time more than anything one per week and I lasts by luck but I like to have my hands fixed, I recommend them they are very good if we do it with care is simple.

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