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{Happy} Presidents Day Poems and Songs for share

Presidents Day Poems and songs: Happy Presidents Day ! We have got presidents day poems for kids we know kids want to give tribute to the presidents of United States and they look for president poems for kids not only this they also want lincoln poems for kids with this you also get presidents poem in order because we have presidents poem first on the list is washington and also must see presidents day poem a noble list we hope you will like our efforts on poems about presidents.


Presidents Day Poems

  • Washington was a great man,
    The father of our country,He led in war, he led in peace,The father of our country.

    Many stories, they are told,

    Many tales about

    Of this great man who led our land

    The father of our country.

    Each one of them might render
    Some service fine and true;
    For Washington and Lincoln
    Once were children, too.

    And if they grew to be great men
    And shaped our country’s ways,
    We children who are growing now
    May serve in future days.

    So we who love our country
    Should strive each day to be
    Wise and worthy leaders
    Of the land where men are free.

    Also See-School on Presidents Day
    The flags fly, the bands play,

    Give him the honor due

    To one who served his country well,

    A leader brave and true

    First in defense and first in peace;

    In our hearts, as of yore

    He holds first place, George Washington,

    Our hero, evermore.

Presidents Day Poems

  • How Washington DressedBy: Gertrude M. RobinsonWhen Washington was president,

    He wore the strangest clothes;

    His shoes had silver buckles on-

    Now why do you suppose?

    His suit was made of velvet cloth,

    With buckles at the knee.

    He wore lace ruffles on his coat,

    When he went out to tea.

    His hair was tied with ribbons, too.

    And braided like a girl’s.

    How could he be a president,

    And wear his hair in curls?You Cannot Tell

    Daisy Jenney Clay

    Presidents Day
    When Lincoln and George Washington
    Were little boys like me,
    They never thought when they grew up
    That they would ever be

    The President; and boys and girls
    Over books would pore
    That told the way each worked and played
    So many years before.

    Perhaps I should be careful,
    And live my boyhood well,
    For sometime they might read of me –
    You really cannot tell!

  • Future PlansHarriette Wilburr PorterMy brothers and their playmates all
    Keep planning what they’ll do
    When they are very big and strong
    And educated, too.

    John plans to be an engineer,
    And Carl a pastry cook.
    And George will go to practice law,
    And Ben will write a book.

    Tom says he’ll be a carpenter.
    Don wants to be a cop.
    And Bob will keep a grocery store
    Or else a candy shop.

    They’re all so full of business plans
    They won’t have time to be
    The president in Washington –
    Which leaves that job for me!

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