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Holika Dahan 2019: Story, Time, Video, Muhurat Kab Hai

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Holika Dahan 2019: Holika Dahan Story, Holika Dahan Time, Holika Dahan Video, Holika Dahan Muhurat Kab Hai.  Today Holika is a Dahan, it is also called small holi, today people celebrate the victory of the goodness. Holi is one of the oldest festivals in India.

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Know The Story and Importance | Holika Dahan Story

There is not much information about how old it is, but there are many stories about it in history, Purana and literature, in which the most popular story is the devotee Prahalad and Holika, due to which the tradition of Holika Dahan began.

The story of Prahlada and Holika

According to Vishnu Purana, Prahlad’s father, Dnyantraaj Hiranyakaship, received a boon from the gods by performing penance that he would neither die in the sky nor in the sky, neither in the night nor in the night nor in the house, nor will he die in the house. Not by the weapon, nor by human beings, nor by the beast. After receiving this boon, he became an atheist and autocratic by thinking of himself as an immortal.

Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Narayana

He wanted his son to leave the worship of Lord Narayana, but Prahalad was not prepared for this. Hiranyakashyap gave him many tricks but he escaped every time. Hiranyakshyap’s sister Holika had received this boon that she would not burn in the fire. So he ordered Holika to enter the fire about that Prahlada, which would kill Prahlad and die.

But Holika was burnt in the fire …

But this boon of Holika ended when she tried to slaughter the god worshiper Prahlad. The Holika got burnt in the fire but Prahlad’s hair was not too damaged by the grace of Narayana. In the memory of this event, people burn Holika and celebrate Holi in the joy of its end.

Humans should never boast …

This story teaches that human beings should never boast and should never adopt the path of evil because doing so can prove to be fatal for them. Should always cooperate with the truth and stay away from the bad things.

The Story of Holi and Holika Dahan, History and Muhurta

This is the beauty of ancient festivals that the mythical secrets hidden behind them attract us. Let’s Learn Honeymoon Dahan and History The festival of Holika Dahan gives a message that God is always present to protect his devotees.

Holika Dahan, the first day of Holi festival, the full moon of Phalgun Mas is celebrated. The next day is a tradition of playing colors, which are also known by Dhulendi, Dhundi, and Dhooli, etc. Holi is celebrated on the evil in the celebration of the victory of good. The next day of Holika Dahan (also called small holi) is the rule of playing color with full bliss, and this festival is celebrated by putting together each other and abhor-gulal.
Holi is one of the most beautiful festivals celebrated in India. Like Diwali, this festival is also considered the festival of victory over the evil of goodness. Holi has mythological significance for Hindus too. The festival of Prahlad, Holika, and Hiranyakashyap is the most popular about this festival. But not only this but many other stories of Holi are popular. In Vaishnav tradition, Holi considers the symbolic formula of the story of Holika-Prahlad.

Rules according to Holika Dahan scriptures

From Falgun Shukla Ashtami to Falgun Purnima, it is considered as Holashak, in which auspicious works remain taboo. Holika-Dahan is done on the full moon day. For this, two rules must be kept in mind –
  1. First, there should not be ‘Bhadra’ on that day. Bhadra’s second name is also known, which is one of eleven. A Karan is equal to half of the date.
  2. Secondly, the full moon should be pulse-prone. Simply put, on that day there should be full moon day in the three Muhurtas after sunset.

This is the auspicious time of Holika Dhahan and the Mangalmai Muhurta

Holika Dahan Muhurat: 18: 20: 47 to 20:49:49

Legend of Holika Dahan

According to the Puranas, when Dainvaraj Hiranyakasip saw that his son Prahlada, except for Vishnu, worshiped not any other god, he became angry and eventually ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlada in the lap and sit in the fire, because the Holika He had a boon that he could not make fire a damn. But unlike this, Holika was burnt down and nothing happened to the devotee Prahlad. In the memory of this incident, it is the law of combing the Holika on this day. The festival of Holi conveys that in this way God is always present to protect his devotees. Not only this, but many other stories are popular.

Had consumed kamdev

A story of Holi is also of the work of Cupid. Parvati wanted to marry Shiva, but the attention of Lina Shiva did not go towards him in penance. In this way, the god of love Kamadev came forward and he turned a flower arrow on Shiva. Shiva was so angry with the dissolution of austerity that he opened his third eye and in the fire of his anger, Kamadev was consumed. When Kamdev was consumed, his wife Rati started crying and Shiva made a plan to revive Kamdev. By the next day, Shiva’s anger had subsided, he revived Kamadeva. Holika is lit on the day of Kamdev’s incantation and the festival of colors is celebrated in the pleasure of her survival.

Story of Mahabharat

According to a story of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna told Yudhishthar- Once an ancestral woman was under the rule of Raghu, an ancestor of Shri Rama. Nobody could kill him because he was protected by a boon. She was not afraid of anyone other than the children playing in the street. One day, Guru Vashishta, said that he could be killed, if the children take small pieces of wood in their hands, go to the outskirts of the city and burn them with dry clay and put them in a heap. Then orbiting around it, dancing, clapping, singing and playing nagad Then it was done. This day was celebrated as a festival, which symbolizes the victory of an innocent heart on evil.

Story of Shrikrishna and Putna

Holi has a deep relationship with Krishna. Where this festival is seen as a symbol of Radha-Krishna’s love. At the same time, according to legend, when Kans was found to be in Krishna’s Gokul, he sent a demon named Putna to kill every child born in Gokul. Excess of breastfeeding was to poison the infants. But Krishna understood his truth. He slaughtered Putna while he was suffering from milking. It is said that since then the recognition of celebrating the Holi festival began.

History of Holika Dahan

It is mentioned in the 300-year-old record of a year found in Ramgarh, near Vindhya Mountains. Some people believe that on this day Lord Krishna killed the demon named Poona. In this happiness, Gopis played Holi with them.

Work on the day of Holika Dahan

According to the rules of the scriptures, Holika must be done on the full moon day of the month of Dahan Phalgun. Holi is a festival of two days, but it begins eight days ago, which is called Holachak. In the scriptures, the night of Holika Dahan is said to be the night of Siddhi because this night is considered as Mahashivratri like Mahashivaratri, Deepawali, Navaratri. It is believed that yoga-yogis are awake in these nights hence the result of sadhana is immediately received.

On the first day, Holika combustion is celebrated and on the next day, the festival is celebrated, which is also called Dhundi. According to the rules outlined in the scriptures, this year the Holika combustion remains a very good condition. If you take these measures on Holika Dhahan, there will never be any shortage of money in life.

Go to Hanuman Mandir

if you want to get rid of negative energies, go to Hanuman temple on Holika Dahan and offer five red flowers and recite Hanuman Chalisa, it can also remove your biggest problems.

Take the blessings of parents

Festival of Holi is celebrated in Hinduism with much fanfare. This festival, which is coming after a year, is coming to this special occasion. So take the blessings of parents on this day. If possible, put it into practice. The grace of Mother Lakshmi will remain on you.

Make a donation 

Needy of a needy person on the day of Holika Dahan. Feed a poor person Feed the poor children. By doing this, your fatherhood will always keep you happy. Your life will never be lacking in anything. If you can make ash
possible on Shivaling, then mix Holi with ash in clear water and offer it on Shivling. By doing so, the defects of the nine planets of the horoscope are removed.

Holika Dahan: Know Holi – The Best Muhurat of Dahan, Worship Method and Prevalent Stories

Today Holika will be burnt in the evening and tomorrow will celebrate this festival with colors. Besides the Hiranakshyas associated with Holi and Holika combustion, stories of Mughal period, Shiva-Parvati and Radha-Krishna are also popular.

Holi is being celebrated all over India today as a festival of evil over good. Today Holika will be burnt in the evening and tomorrow will celebrate this festival with colors. Besides the Hiranakshyas associated with Holi and Holika combustion, stories of Mughal period, Shiva-Parvati and Radha-Krishna are also popular. Learn about the auspicious time of Holika Dhahan and worship method.

Holika Dahan is…

Celebrated Holi Phalgun month’s full moon. Holika combustion is done only on this full moon day. This time, Holika Dahan i.e. small holi or Holika lamp is being celebrated on March 1. According to the recognition, Holika combustion time will be 2 hours and 31 minutes. Which will remain from 6 pm to 18 minutes from 8 pm to 47 minutes? But due to Bhadra dusk 6:58, the auspicious time of Holika Dahan will remain for 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Holika Dhanan from 6 pm to 18 pm from 8 pm to 47 minutes.

At the same time, the time of Bhadra period will remain from 3.54 till evening 6.45. Avoid Holika combustion during these days. According to religious beliefs, Holi combustion is not considered good in Bhadra month. That is why after 6:00 pm, do the combustion of Holika only after this evening.

  • Bhadra tail = 15:54 to 16:58 by
  • Bhadra Mukha = 16:58 to 18:45

Method of worship 

  • 1. Material for Holi Pooja: Roli, Rice, Flowers, Yarn, Turmeric, Tomato, Gheeu Bali, Shrifal and Water Kalash.
  • 2. Take this material together and go to the location of the Holika combustion and chant this mantra.

Ahukta Fahrattaastai: Karta Kutan Holi Balsaiya Atasvan Pujayyasamayi Bhooti Bhushan Pradyayenam.

  • 3.  After the chanting of the mantra take the name of your father and your family and take a resolution.
  • 4. After taking the mantra and resolution, pay attention to Lord Ganesha and offer water. After this, take Prahlad’s name and give flowers.
  • 5. Standing in front of Holi, offer turmeric, extracted flowers, wheat flour, and shrimp.
  • 6. In the end, wrap the yarn on the bonfire and pour water into the Kalash.

Holika Dahan 2019: Learn, what is the time and significance of Holika Combustion

Astrologers say that if you go on orphaned on the Holi with the right law, then you will not be able to take a blank lounge because this time there is a very good combination of Holika combustion.

Holika combustion flames are very auspicious. Every anxiety gets burnt in the fire of Holika Dahan, the pain gets destroyed and desires get fulfilled. As much as the significance of color is in this festival of good over evil, Holika is also combustion. It is believed that Holika worship and combustion by law is not long in ending the difficulties.

Happy Combination of Holika Combustion

Astrologers say that if you offer the right offerings after revolving the law on Holi, then it will not be late to fill the empty bag. Because this time the bonfire combustion is becoming an auspicious coincidence. Holika must be done in the full moon day of the Dahan Phalguna mass. The full moon day is taking place from 8 am to 58 minutes on March 1, but it will also have Bhadra.

There is a rule that the Holika should not combust during the Bhadra period. Bhadra will end at 7 o’clock at 37 minutes in the evening. After this, the Holika combustion will be auspicious. It is very auspicious to have three things together for Holika Dhahan. Full moon day, Pradosh period and Bhadra is not felt.

These three combinations are happening on Holika combustion this year, so Holi will be enjoyable. This time, the auspicious time of Holika Dahan will be from 6.00 to 26 minutes from 8:00 to 55 minutes.

If you take any decision in business-related decisions, money or education, then you will surely get success, because of the full moon conditions, due to this auspicious planet situations. Not only this, if you have been troubled by disease for a long time or have increased your anxiety with the growing number of enemies, then this time your all worries in the Holika Combustion flames will become bleak.

Legend of Holika Dahan

According to the Puranas, when Dainvaraj Hiranyakasip saw that his son Prahlada, except for Vishnu, did not worship any other god, then he became angry and finally ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlad in the lap and sit in the fire; Because the bonfire was a boon that it could not be harmed by fire. But unlike this, Holika was burnt down and nothing happened to devotee Prahlad. In the memory of this incident, it is the law of combing the Holika on this day. The festival of Holi conveys that in this way God is always present to protect his devotees.

What is the importance of the orbiting?

Parikrama in Holika Puja and combustion is considered very important. Saying that if your wish is said or done, then it becomes true.

Apart from the orbiting of Holika, it is very necessary to burn the uplas in Davan. How many incenses burns, what kind of burns you burn, you also have to decide according to your wish and reverence.

Parikrama and Upalai will also offer your dreams, even the importance of Prasad is not low. Whether you are in need of prosperity or traveling abroad, the question should be the new job or the blessing of childbirth, Holika Poojan can fulfill all your desires too.


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