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Holi Puja Vidhi, Holi Pooja Process, Holika Dahan 2019

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Holi Puja Vidhi, Holi Pooja Process, Holika Dahan 2019: Explore the Details of Holi Pooja Vidhi, Process of Holi Puja or Holika Dahan, Holi Vrat Puja Vidhi, Pooja Vidhi of Holika Dahan (Choti Holi) 2019 in Hindi, English.

Holi Puja Vidhi, Holi Pooja Process, Holika Dahan

Holi is celebrated for two days, the main festival of Hinduism. On the first day, women Holika Puja. The Holika combustion is done before the colorful Holi, it is considered an evil symbol of goodness. On this day God had protected his devotee Prahlad. Read further through this article, the method of Puja of Holi and its related things.

Holi Puja Vidhi
Holi Puja Vidhi

Holi Puja

Holi Puja begins with the first day of Holi with color. To be careful in doing this. It is believed that women who make this vow in full law, their son has never faced any problem in life. If your son has any problem then doing this fast will ease his problems.

Worship of holika

Holi is decorated with gulari, candles and woods in every intersection and alleys for Holika combustion. With the help of a dry grass, with a dry grass, with the help of wood and sandalwood, after Puja the holika, Puja flowers, betel nuts and money in the hands and leave water to the Holika.

Holi Dhahan – Holi Pooja in Auspicious Time

After this, worn garlands of sand, sandalwood, roli, turmeric, gulal, flower and gulari. After this, the three offerings of Holika are distributed and distributed to coconut, wheat bali and sugarcane and its offerings. In Indian culture Holika Dhawan is considered as Holi Puja, which is a ritual. It is a good thing to do Holika Dhahan with auspicious time.

Triumph over fear

Holi Poojan is won over every kind of fear. This Puja brings happiness, peace and prosperity to the family. To Puja the mother and save her from evil evil forces and perform this prayer for Mangal wished. The fast is opened after the Holika combustion. If you open the fast, meditate on God and seek happiness and prosperity.

Holi Puja method

While Puja, your mouth should be on the east or north side. First, spray the water droplets around yourself, Puja plate and on yourself. After this Narasimha remembered God and offered him roli, mauli, ankith and floral. Similarly devotee Prahlada, remembering them, offer them roli, mauli, intimate and flowers.

Holi Pooja Vidhi or Holika Dahan Process

Holika Dahan or Holi Pooja takes place on an auspicious time in the evening a day before the Holi festival. Given below are the steps and rituals for the Holi Pooja:

  • Holi Pooja can be performed at any place.
  • A log of wood is kept at a prominent public place on the Vasant Panchami day.
  • People extend the log centre with twigs, dried leaves, branches of trees and other combustible material.
  • On the day of Holika Dahan, an effigy of Holika and Prahlad is placed on the huge heap of woods.
  • Effigy of Holika is made of combustible material while Prahlad’s effigy is made of non-combustible material.
  • On the eve of Holi, the heap is set alight and the people chant Rakshoghna Mantras of the Rig Veda to cast away the evil spirits.
  • Left over ashes are collected by people next morning. These ashes are considered holy and are smeared on the limbs of the body as Holi Prashad.
  • Smearing of body limbs is an act of purification.

Wishing for Prosperity – Holi Puja

After this, send sweets and flowers. Some people also offer turmeric, henna, gulal and coconut to Holika. Seeking happiness and prosperity from the Holika by adding the hand. Turn yarn yarn around the holika and circle it three or five or seven times. When your last round is complete, empty the water lota.

Take the fire Home

After this, Holika combustion is done. Tilak is applied on the forehead of men. After burning Holi, roti-rice should be made seven times, giving sevenfold gratification. After this, roast the green wheat or barley and cane brought together in the fire. Holi’s fire will bring some home with you.

Burn the fire and make breakfast – Holi Pooja

The task of carrying fire and roasting sugarcane should be done very carefully. Show the sun in your house with the fire of Holi. Some people consider it auspicious to make morning snacks or tea etc. on this fire.

Bless the elderly

Offer the grain of roasted wheat earrings to the elderly and give them blessings. Now accept them as offerings. After this, go to each other’s house on holi and give a message of brotherhood by putting color.

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