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How Nina Cuso avoids the paparazzi during NYFW

Nina Cuso

Nina Cuso is a well-known fashion designer, actor, model, and creative director based in New York. With all these titles to her name, she is quite famous especially because of her appearances in Oceans 8 and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

However, this celebrity life is not that easy. With all the glitz and glamour, come the annoying paparazzi, who make sure that every little thing you do is in the spotlight.

Because of this, Nina employs some well thought and effective strategies to lay low and disappear in plain sight, especially when attending public events. We have decided to uncover some of her secrets so as to help you know how she outsmarts and avoids paparazzi during the New York Fashion Week.

Wear Similar Outfits

Paparazzi thrive where there is attention and nothing attracts attention than wearing different outfits, which, of course, is the main purpose of the full week event.

The idea is that wearing similar outfits makes her look the same in every photo and therefore, no one can tell exactly when the picture was taken. That isn’t very interesting to the reader, is it? Exactly the point.

Wear Shiny Clothing

Shiny clothes have the tendency to reflect light back to the source and in the case of paparazzi cameras, their flashes turn out to be the greatest source of weakness when Nina decides to use this strategy.

The tactic works especially well in the dark because flash must be used and the reflection ruins the image by making her look blurry. What a way to piss off these news-seeking camera guys.

Using a Disguise

A very old trick, but it still works. Since Nina is into fashion, getting a wig or wearing other disguising clothes is something that comes naturally.

There is no limit as to what she can do using clothes and with this kind of ability, you might not see her passing by the camera crew fully dressed in something unusual such as men’s outfit and still look good in it.

Avoid Paparazzi Traps

If Nina wants to avoid the paparazzi completely, she knows that the best thing is to avoid their traps. Keeping off the red carpet might be a daunting task for any celebrity but if you feel like you are not on your A-game, why insist on walking the red carpet. Also, Nina may use the backdoors of hotels and other venues, which is a good idea to hide from the cameras.

All in all, Nina Cuso is very good at hiding from the cameras and has some very effective methods to do so.

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