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20+ Valentines Day Sayings and Slogans in 2020

Happy Valentines Day Sayings and Slogans For cards, gift tags, flowers etc.Looking for an endearing saying or a witty slogan to go with your cards, gifts or flowers. Here are ideas for love themed Valentine’s Day sayings:

Valentines Day sayings

Happy Valentines Day 2020: Learn What Valentine’s Day, Before Celebrating This Seven Essential Things Valentine Day 2020: Before going to enthusiasm on Valentine’s Day, it is important that you know some things before telling someone about your heart. We are telling you 7 things that you should know while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Will you Be My Valentine?

Your secret admirer sends this line
Will you be my Valentine?


I may be little
but my heart’s not small
If you love me true
You can have it all


Your secret admirer
Yes, that’s me!
My Valentine
I wish you’d be.


I’ve loved you long with all my heart
Beneath sun and stars, in shade and shine
Earth can no greater bliss impart
If you will be my Valentine.


Won’t you be my Valentine
And exchange your heart for mine?

Expressing Love

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. On these days, two loving people express their love for each other. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14th. This day is a little more fun among the youth. On Valentine’s Day, lover couples spend time together with each other and have fun. Apart from this, a boy or a girl expresses love for another girl or boy in his heart for this day. In such a situation, it is not necessary that his love proposal is accepted by the man in front. Therefore, before arriving in enthusiasm, before saying anything to your heart about Valentine’s Day, you must know some things. We are telling you 7 things that you should know while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

valentines day sayings

  1. The truth of love-  Before you speak your heart on Valentine’s Day, you should do a question yourself. The question is whether you really love that person. Do you love him so much that you can spend his whole life with him?
  2. Your seriousness –  It is said that love is as hard as it is easier than it is to keep it. So before you fall in love with Valentine’s Day, check your seriousness. You should know that you are serious about the man in front and will never cheat him.
  3. Together with family, it is very important for your family to join you for the purpose of getting married to the end. Therefore, it is important to think before making anybody on Valentine’s Day that your family will accept that person or not.
  4. Proposal time – It is important to take care of time while proposing someone on Valentine’s Day. Select the time of proposing so that the front does not feel any problem.
  5.  Instead of proposing – it is also very important to pay attention to the place while proposing  a person. It should not happen with your haste that the thing that could have happened deteriorated due to the wrong place.

I’ll do whatever
it takes to make you smile
I’ll be true to you
till my Life’s last mile


By hook or by crook
I’ll be the last in your book
Shakespeare, I am not
to write a lot
Three little words
‘Forget Me Not’.


Cupid sent his piercing dart
Straight into my beating heart
To his duty always true
Now he flies to aim at you!


O Sweet Valentine
My heart is now thine.


I am sure that no one else could be
As lovely as you seem to me
And so I send this little rhyme
To you my dear Valentine


I couldn’t forget you
if I would-
I wouldn’t forget you
if I could.

Proposing Marriage

6. Your gift – Your gift given at the time of proposing on  Valentine’s Day is very important. Your gift gives a lot of memories to the person in front. So try that you give the same gift to the person who likes it.

7. Your Look – While proposing someone, it should be taken care that your look is quite attractive. Knowing that the dirty look is never liked by anyone.

Come right in and share my nest
Coz you’re the bird I like the best.


In my cozy nest for two
I’ve saved my heart for only you.

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