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How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated in the United States

Valentine’s Day in the United States: Where does Valentine’s Day come from in the United States? Is February 14 the day of love? Are the Americans romantic?

We are sure that you know that Valentines Day is the day of love, but also the day of friendship and love. It was the English who brought this tradition to the country. This day arose in the United States.

What does Saint Valentine mean for Americans?

Valentine is very popular all over the world, love is something universal that surrounds us this day. Americans love to celebrate and express the love they feel for their loved ones. 

Valentine's Day in the United States
Valentine’s Day in the United States

en the lovers began to give away love valentines day cards and began to become more popular in the second half of the twentieth century, when already the lovers gave roses, chocolate and cards of all kinds. In the 21st century we can already assure you that Valentine’s Day is a tradition for hearts!

Valentine’s Day in the United States

Before, the usual thing was that the man was the one who made the gifts to the woman and courted them by sending love letters, but now all this has changed.

Valentine's Day in the United States

Both men and women in the United States express their love for each other and also show their affection for friends, parents or anyone for whom they feel love.


They know it is a special day, and they live it in a special way. In the United States that day the shopping centers are filled with people . There is something in common for many of the citizens of different countries and they are “the last purchases now”.

The Americans will not leave until they find the perfect gift for their partner or for the person to whom they want to show their love.


There are couples who celebrate with a romantic candlelight dinner that day. The ideal is to book the perfect place in advance because if it is not like that… surely it will be all busy!

Some of the most romantic restaurants to declare love in the United States is “The View” in New York, with stunning views of the city or “Perse”, a quiet place to dine and great views of Central Park.

Another of the favorite plans of the Americans is to walk through Central Park and perhaps ask for marriage in one of their magical bridges.

The most nocturnal organize parties at home to celebrate this day, do not forget that love can also be celebrated with a good party. Singles are also invited!


Not everything is for grown-ups, in schools it is about the younger ones to understand the meaning of love and affection towards others, and to understand the meaning that Saint Valentine has. They organize an event during the day in which children make gifts for their classmates or for teachers.


In the institutes to celebrate this day circulate chocolates and roses with anonymous notes that are distributed throughout the classes. In addition, they have a dance for the lovers, they decorate the place with hearts and romantic music. The ideal cocktail to show all the love you have for each other.

As a curiosity, the spectacular Empire State Building, in addition to being illuminated, witnesses proposals for marriage of lovers during that day. An incredible if I want from above!

What is given?

Make no mistake, Valentine also has a lot of commercial for large companies in the United States, and it is a holiday in which sales skyrocket.

For example, Hallmark cards, is a great American company, that day shoots its benefits through the sale of postcards and other gifts of this type.

If you are going to go around the streets of the United States, you will see how most of the stores are decorated with romantic motifs and red colors, and the windows are full of very attractive offers. In this country about 900 million congratulations are sent!

That yes, there is more and more creativity in the environment and handmade gifts and unique are gaining some ground to the more traditional. The handmade gifts are a nice way to show how important these people for us.

The gifts that circulate most those days among lovers are chocolates or other types of sweets, stuffed animals, flowers, jewelry, postcards or romantic getaways . Almost always these gifts carry a postcard with some romantic or affectionate phrase.

Among the most curious data are that they send more than 300,000 letters on Valentine’s Day more than Christmas! that more than half of the American population celebrates this day, that the star gift is undoubtedly flowers, and that sales of heart-shaped cards soar. The cards are usually of all kinds: romantic, funny or poetic…

Whether you are one of those who think that Valentine is a party to encourage consumerism or on the contrary think it is one of the most special days of the year to show love, what is clear is that it is a unique day in both States United as in the rest of the world.

And remember! Although Valentine is only one day on the calendar date, love must be expressed to those who matter to you during all the days of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day and friendship!

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