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How to Succeed as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being a criminal defense lawyer is not a very easy task. These attorneys defend clients that are accused of illegal activities that range from small and minor offenses to major ones such as murder.

How to Succeed as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

While this may attract a lot of negative reaction from the public, the best thing to do as a defense lawyer is to build an effective case so that no matter how bad the accusations are, you help your client get a fair trial.

With this in mind, there are certain things that you need to do as a criminal defense lawyer so as to succeed in this career.

1. Isolate Your Personal Feelings From Your Work

In this line of work, it is inevitable that you will find yourself defending clients who have committed very bad crimes, but they must be presented to court so as to answer their charges. As a criminal defense attorney, you must defend such a person’s case because it is his/ her constitutional right.

For this to happen effectively, you have to separate your personal feelings from the job so that you can defend using your A game. If you bring in your personal feelings, the more you dig deep into the case, the more you might regret ever taking up the challenge.

2. Get Close to Your Client

For better chances of success, it is important that the lawyer gets as much information as possible about the case from the client. This can only happen if the client feels comfortable enough to share this often-confidential information, which might possibly alter the direction of the case.

To do this, try to find some common ground with the defendant, then use this to get to know him/ her as a human being, as opposed to just another client. When this happens, your client will confide in you and trust you enough to share all the vital information that might have been hidden earlier.

3. Research About the Jurors

For a successful outcome, it is very important to sway some jurors into your side so that they make a favorable ruling. This, however, does not mean that you bribe them.

The idea is to do background checks on the jurors and with this information, you can cause the potential difficult ones to expose their predispositions unknowingly and hopefully get them kicked out of the jury.
The goal is to have as many open-minded jurors as possible so that they can reason with your arguments and give a fair judgment.

4. Give a Good Body Language

Do not give the bad or wrong impression of your client to the court. It is important to always remain close to your him/her, and especially stand close to them as the verdict is being read. Most of the times, this will be interpreted as a sign of solidarity and shows that you have faith in your client’s innocence.

5. Build Networks

Apart from working on a case exceptionally well, you have to build networks of clients so that you get the work, the money, and the experience.

How to Succeed as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Therefore, it is important to expand your referral network among your present clients so that they can bring in friends and family whenever they have court cases to answer.
You can also expand your presence in the online community by blogging or using social media, and this will go a long way towards increasing your client base.


As stated earlier, defending a suspected criminal is certainly not easy, but it is possible and can be done successfully by following certain steps. With this in mind, the steps given above are very essential towards helping you become a successful criminal defense lawyer.

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