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How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day: Do you want to receive red roses, chocolates and sentimental cards? These signs of affection are exchanged every year on February 14, when many people in the United States and many other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day, an unofficial party that celebrates love.

Celebrate Valentine's Day

The origin of the party is not very clear, although on February 14 it commemorates the Christian Saint Valentine it seems that it was in England during the Middle Ages that the day was associated with romantic love. Some historians believe that Valentine’s Day as a romantic celebration has some vestiges of the pagan festivals that were once held in Europe.

How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

However it started, Valentine’s Day is still popular and a profitable day for business. Around the world, around one billion Valentine’s cards are sold annually. Hallmark, a US card company, estimates that in the United States alone about 114 million Valentine’s cards are sent per year.

In the United States, schoolchildren often exchange “valentines” among their classmates to symbolize friendship. These children’s cards, whether they are made by themselves or bought in a store, are usually in the shape of a heart or characters in the cartoons.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways in the world.

In the Philippines, mass weddings are usually held on Valentine’s Day. In South Africa the Valentine’s tradition is for women to put a pin with their lover’s name on the sleeve of their shirt.

In South Korea, February 14 is when women court men with candy and flowers, a month later, on March 14, which is known as the “White Day”, the opposite occurs, men make gifts to women.

Of course, romantic dinners at fancy restaurants are Valentine’s traditions too, that’s how Italians celebrate the party, like many others around the world, including Americans.

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