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11 Valentine’s Day Facts, Trivia and History – (You Should Know)

Valentine’s Day Facts: Valentine’s Day Trivia and Valentine’s Day History. Valentine’s Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries that has been implanted in other countries throughout the twentieth century mainly in which couples in love express their love and affection to each other. 

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Valentine’s Day Facts, Trivia and History

It is celebrated on February 14, St. Valentine’s Day. In some countries it is known as Valentine’s Day and in others as Day of Love and Friendship.

1. History

This is one of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day that dates the beginning of this celebration. It is a priest, called Valentin, who helped and protected the military to get married, because at that time (third century, Rome), Christians were persecuted. But he was imprisoned by the Emperor Claudius II.

2. Cupid

The form or representation is one of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day because although I handle many, the most copied is a naked child with wings, an arrow and blindfolded, representing that love sees with the soul. Shakespeare describes it in a unique way in his work “Dreams of a Summer Night”

3. Another point of view

The Jews do not celebrate February 14, however, they have been characterized by having a point of view regarding this date saying that love should not be celebrated once a year but every year and without discriminating against anyone, love everyone but especially to oneself.

4. “Your Valentine”

When Saint Valentine was imprisoned, another of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day appears, since his jailer asks the priest to be the guardian of his daughter. When they spent time together, love began to be born between them. But the day of the execution arrived and the only thing he could leave to his beloved was a note signed at the end with the famous phrase “Your Valentin”.

5. Eros and Psyche

The Greek myth that narrates that by the envy of Aphrodite to the beautiful young mortal named Psyche, sends Eros (god of love) to the arrow to fall in love with the ugliest man in the world but when Eros sees Psyche, he can not avoid falling in love The full story can be read in “The Golden Ass” by Lucio Apuleyo.

6. The words are not blown by the wind

Indeed, the words are the most used on this day, making this one of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day. In the United States it has been investigated that more than 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent where couples spend approximately 120 dollars.

7. Chocolates for them

in Japan it is celebrated with a festival called “Tanabata“. Women should give chocolates to men, making a special one for their lover, instead, men should not do so until a month later (March 14 or “White Day”) in the form of thanks.

8. From day to week

In Argentina, the day of lovers is celebrated as in any other Latin country. However one of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day comes later. From the 1st to the 7th of July, the “Week of Sweetness” begins, where all Argentines go out to the street and give each other sweets in exchange for kisses.

9. Music that falls in love

are the songs that most lovers are dedicated to these dates: The first is “The Way You Look Tonight”, performed by many, followed by “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and “I Do not Wanna Miss A Thing “from Aerosmith.

10. Tortoises

The symbolism of the turtledoves has been present for many centuries since it represents harmony, peace, union and love or friendship between two people. That is why the famous idiom “They look like lovebirds”.

11. Gifts

Another of the curiosities of Valentine’s Day is what are the most given gifts. And first of all we find that couples prefer to make romantic dinners, give flowers and finally teddy bears. And even though more than 30% do not like to celebrate, they will do it because their partner does like it.

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