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Australia Day Flag 2020 Images Photos Wallpaper [in HD]

Australia day flag: All about the flag of Australia | Meaning and history. If you are thinking of living in Australia or at least spend a season studying and working there, you should know a little bit of their culture and history to enjoy the experience even more. The Flag of Australia is a key element to know part of the history of the country and without a doubt it is a very interesting and full of meanings that we want to share with you in this article.

Australia day flag
Australia day flag

Australia Day Flag

But before you start … if you’re wondering what the UK flag does within the Australian flag, do not worry, it has a very simple explanation. Australia has very close ties with Great Britain , not in vain did the English colonize the oceanic country in the year 1788. After its independence at the beginning of the 20th century, Australia decided to keep the flag of the Union Union within its own in addition to continuing forming part of the Commonwealth . The current Australia day flag was officially adopted on September 3 of the year 1901  and has lasted to this Australia day … although there are people who want to change it. You want to know why?

Brief history of the Australian flag

The idea of ​​establishing a flag in the Australian colony was of two sailors, their names were John Nicholson and John Bingle. The primitive flag consisted of a white cloth with the red cross of St. George with a white star on each end representing the Southern Cross. This flag, known as the Colonial National Flag, did not have much impact basically because the Scots and Irish did not feel represented by the cross of St. George of England.

After gaining independence, the Australians sought to create a flag that did not create any conflict with Britain. Their objective was twofold: on the one hand they wanted to make it clear that they no longer belonged to the British Empire, and on the other they sought its approval. 

Several magazines in Melbourne launched a contest to find an official flag of the country, out of more than 32,800 designs they received, five of them were finally chosen that were very similar to each other. A simplified version of the winning flag of this contest, was taken to the Australian Parliament that was finally approved in the year 1904. The official Australian flag has two slopes: one of them with the red background for merchant ships and another with the blue background for the rest of uses.

Meaning of its elements and colors

The background of the flag of Australia is blue, color that symbolizes justice . We can find in the upper left the English flag or Union Jack , which recalls the fact that Australia was a colony of Great Britain for many years. Below it, there is a star with seven points that represents the Australian Federation. The tips of this star represent the six states (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia) and the Federation. On the right we can distinguish the Southern Cross , which is a constellation that can be clearly seen from Australia.

The representative colors of Australia are green and gold, which are used mostly in sports. Unlike the official flag of the country, Australians seek to move away with their official colors any proximity to the United Kingdom. Precisely, the inhabitants of Australia are more identified with these colors than with the official flag , due to their clear colonial references. There is a possibility that is beginning to gain strength and is to make a referendum to change the flag to another that represents more faithfully all Australians.

Aboriginal Flag of Australia

There is a flag that enjoys a lot of popularity among Australians, it has the status of a local official flag and many institutions use it in the same way as the national flag. It is called the Flag of the aborigines of Australia and was created by Harold Thomas in the seventies, its creator tried to claim the rights of the aborigines in their ancestral lands. Inspired by the ones used by Australian aborigines during their campaign for their right to property (Native title).

Its design is simple. The upper half of the flag is black and the lower half red, both separated by a yellow circle in the center. According to its creator, the red color represents the earth and the red ocher used in ancestral ceremonies; the black would represent the aboriginal peoples of Australia ; while the yellow circle, the sun would be as protector and giver of life.

We hope that this article on the Australian flag has been to your liking. Now we want to know your opinion. Did you know the close relationship between Australia and Great Britain? Do you understand that Australians feel more identified with the color green and gold? What do you think of the aboriginal flag? We will be happy to read your comments! Also discover in this article the similarities of the Australian flag with the New Zealand flag.

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