20+ Pongal Rangoli Design 2019 Images & Photos [in HD]

Pongal Rangoli Design 2019: Both the Makar Sankranti 2019 and Pongal festivals will be coming in a few days. The specialty of the festival of Makar Sankranti 2019 is that where this festival is celebrated in North India as Makar Sankranti. On the other hand, people celebrate with great fanfare in the name of Makar Sankranti 2019 in South India. To make this festival special, the people of South India prefer to decorate the house with Rangoli after cleaning the houses. So today we are also telling you some simple and attractive Rangoli design.

Pongal Rangoli Design

Pongal Rangoli Design 2019

By the way, both Makar Sankranti 2019 and Pongal are two separate names for the same festival. There can not be much difference in the country in this manner of persuasion, as Sun is worshiped on this day in the country. Seasme, jaggery and Khichdi are donated, as well as delicious dishes like sesame recipes and Khichdi are enjoyed.

Pongal Rangoli Design

Learn more in the slides ahead to decorate the house at Pongal (Rangoli Design)

Simple Rangoli design is very easy and simple to look at, as well as being beautiful and attractive.

In simple Rangoli designs you can also get help from children or even children can ask to create their own Rangoli on pongal.

In addition to the colors, Floral Rangoli Design is also highly appreciated on festivals.

For this, just make it with the help of a design chalk and then splash the leaves of flowers and trees into small pieces and design them.

Take a beautiful Floroli Rangoli Design is ready.

Free Hand Rangoli Design is a design that is made without the help of any mold, only with the colors directly from the hands.

This Rangoli Design is usually made by perfect people in making Rangoli design or it can also be made with the help of things in the house (spoon, bowl).

Kolam Rangoli is the Rice flour or Rangoli is made from flour. This Rangoli is generally considered to be the auspicious time to make festivals or festivals in the south east of South India.

Rangoli is usually made on the ground or in a flat place (patio or main door), but due to changes in everything, there is a change in the way of making Rangoli.

Floating Rangoli Design is now quite appreciated. You need flowers to make it.

Those who fill the water in a bowl or bowl are decorated with flowers of different colors. If you want, you can also use Floating Candles on this Floating Rangoli Design.

Pongal Rangoli Design 2019: Decorated on Pongal with These Easy Rangoli Designs

Festival of Pongal (Pongal Festival) means happiness and joy that the first festival in 2019 year (First Festival) K Pongal 2019 (Pongal 2019) will be celebrated on January 14, 2019 , along with Tamilnadu , along with Hersholsas across the country.

Making Rangoli at home is considered to be very auspicious on every festival in South India . South India (South India) in Rangoli (Rangoli) to decorate the house tradition antiquity is standing.

Recognition behind making festivals in Rangoli (home decoration)This is where God can happily settle in the house. So today we Pongal (Pongal) easy and privilege of simple rangoli design (Pongal Simpel Rangoli Design) are telling. They are very easy to look at as they are beautiful in watching.

Pongal 2019 Rangoli Design: Rangoli Design for Pongal

Pongal Pot Rangoli Design , especially on the pot, is made in pongal. Rangoli (Rangoli) behind making the contours of the full pitcher of grain in the prosperity of the increase is wished. Makar Sankranti 2019: Makar Sankranti is home to decorate, so these are the best colorful designs.

Those people who do not come to Rangoli , they want to make Simpel Rangoli Design on Pongal . Because in that it can make Rangoli with the help of the mold.

Some people like to make Kolam Rangoli on Pongal , then some colors create Rangoli Rangoli Design . In which they mostly use bright colors, red, green, blue and yellow colors that show happiness, enthusiasm, peace, love and courage . This makes Rangoli attractive, and life also wishes to be filled with those colors.

Easy and quick design of Rangoli on Pongal are very much liked. Because they are very beautiful in seeing as well as easy to make. To make these simple Rangoli design , the bowl and spoon present in the house can also be used.

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