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13 Facts About World Chocolate Day [to Celebrate]

World Chocolate Day: Since 1995, it is celebrated every September 13th. Here we leave a list so you have in mind which is the most beneficial for your health and why it is so irresistible, among other curiosities.

A Delicious World Chocolate Day

The International Chocolate Day was established in 1995, a French initiative in honor of the British writer Roald Dahlauthor of the famous work “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  Dahl was born on September 13, 1916, in Wales, United Kingdom. In addition, on this date was born Milton Hershey (1857), founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company. Entremujeres celebrates with a series of curious facts about this food that can be a great ally in health and encouragement.

World Chocolate Day

1- Argentina has the highest chocolate consumption in the region

Along with Uruguay, the country leads consumption with three kilos a year on average. According to a Nestle study, half the time the Argentines buy the candy in kiosks and 91% of the population consumes habitually.

2- It is beneficial for the heart

Moderate consumption of chocolate was associated with a significantly lower risk of suffering atrial fibrillation (AF), the most frequent and risky arrhythmia, according to a large study conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Health (HSPH), which adds evidence on the protective effects of cocoa for the heart.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

3- Improve sports performance

According to research from the University of Kingston in London, in the United Kingdom, consuming dark chocolate could serve to improve physical performance in sports events. The researchers proved that eating  40 grams makes the body consume less oxygen and travel more distance.

4-There is no white chocolate

It is not true because, although it is a derivative of cocoa, it is a sweet made up of milk, sugar and cocoa butter. The latter is fat of vegetable origin and does not contain among its components neither paste, nor liquor, nor cocoa solids.

World Chocolate Day

5-Relieves menstrual pain

It was specially made by a Swiss artisan factory and has some special ingredients. The formula is named ” Frauenmond “, whose translation is Luna de Mujer, and its creators explain that the formula contains 60 percent pure cocoa and Swiss herbs.

6-They discovered a new type pink

It is known as “Ruby” and is touted as the fourth type of chocolate. Its pink color is natural and has no colorings or flavors. It was created by the Swiss company  Barry Callebaut,  the largest company dedicated to manufacturing and distribution in the world. They have more than 6,000 recipes for the elaboration of cocoa products.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

7-The inventor of cookies with chocolate chips sold her recipe to a dollar

The American Ruth Wakefield decided to give a twist to her recipe for cookies in the ’30s and incorporated chocolate in small doses: that was the beginning of the exquisite formula. The funny thing is that the cook decided to sell her recipe for only one dollar to Nestle.

8-The brain is more seduced by chocolate than by an erotic image

According to a report from a Neuroscience Institute, eating and eating chocolate generates the most intense emotional response, more in men (69%) than in women (62%), and higher than other positive visual stimuli such as images of sex, travel or sport.

9-The secret is dopamine

Chocolate makes us crazy because it provokes a similar reaction in the brain that produces the narcotic substances, alcohol and cigarette. Its consumption produces an increase in dopamine, known as the “happiness hormone”. This was confirmed in 2015 by a study by the University of Michigan.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

10-Bitter: the best option

Regular consumption of dark chocolate, with a percentage higher than 70% of cocoa, provides many benefits. According to proven scientific studies, it can fight diabetes, is good for the skin, helps lift the mood, is good for a cough, improves vision and promotes learning.

11-He was saved from the Titanic thanks to chocolate

Milton Hershey was the tycoon who created the company of the same name. In 1912, the businessman had everything ready to embark on the Titanic, but minutes before sailing, he decided to stay to solve problems with the company and postpone his trip, saving himself from what would have been certain death.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

12-Can kill dogs

The consumption of chocolate is one of the biggest causes of pet poisoning and can even kill them. The component that turns out to be toxic is called theobromine. While humans metabolize this substance easily, dogs do it much more slowly, allowing it to accumulate in your body to reach toxic levels.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

13-How many cocoa seeds are needed to produce chocolate?

To produce 453 grams, 400 tree seeds are needed.

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