Oscar 2019 Nominations for Best Film, Director, Actor and Actress

Oscar 2019 Nominations: Favorites, for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. The race for the Oscars has already begun and, as the days go by, names are added to the list, while others are falling completely according to the reactions of the critics and the public. Today, these are the best positioned to get a nomination … and who knows, maybe a prize.

Oscar 2019 Nominations for The Best film

Oscar 2019 Nominations
Oscar 2019 Nominations

‘Green Book’

Nobody included it very seriously in the first pools until Toronto arrived and they gave him the Audience Award, over one of the big favorites. But then the Golden Globes have arrived, and three of the prizes have been won, including the Best Comedy or Musical Film. This dramedy starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali has all the ingredients that the Academy likes. Movie review.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Nobody gave a hard time for it but surprised everyone falling between the nominations for the Golden Globes. This blockbuster that has already close to 800 million at the box office tells the story of the band Queen, and how the legendary formation was formed, focusing on the figure of his singer Freddie Mercury. And, to everyone’s surprise, he took home the Golden Globe for Best Drama Actor (Rami Malek) and the Best Drama Movie, ahead of favorites like ‘The Vice of Power’ or ‘A Star is Born’. Will he sneak into the Oscars?


The film directed by Adam McKay has arrived late to the pools, but with great force. In the Golden Globes it has been the one that more nominations has hoarded, including ‘Better Film’, but also ‘Better Actor’ and ‘Better Secondary Actor’. A few years ago, McKay won the Oscar for ‘Best Screenplay’ for ‘The Big Bet’ so this year, minimum could repeat nomination in both categories.

‘A Star is Born’

The debut feature by Bradley Cooper, with Lady Gaga as the protagonist, accumulates praise wherever it premieres, but has not yet won any awards at the festivals in which it has been present. After accumulating 5 nominations in the Golden Globes, his nomination as ‘Best Film’ is taken for granted, but to be empty of the gala has surprised and worried everyone. Will it be able to give the bell?

‘The Favorite’

What’s new about the Greek director is always news. The Venice Festival encumbered her with the Grand Jury Prize, and the great work of her leading actresses is placing the film in the place it deserves. This year could be in which, finally, the awards of the Academy are definitely fixed on him.

‘Mary Poppins Returns’

The new adventures of the most famous nanny of cinema did not count for anyone. In fact, the vast majority of us watched the movie with suspicion, but the enthusiasm of the critics, the nominations in the Golden Globes and the performance of Emily Blunt make us think that it could not be so crazy to see Poppins on top of Oscar nominations. Recall that his predecessor won 5 Oscars, and had a whopping 13 nominations. There is nothing.


Its premiere at the Venice Festival was one of the highlights of the event. Netflix‘s bet on the childhood history of Alfonso Cuarón seems to be a winning horse, and even more after winning the Golden Lion at the Venetian festival. Although Mexico has decided to present ‘Roma’ to choose ‘Best Foreign Film’ could have diminished their chances in order to win the main Oscar, although the nomination in the major categories will be safe. Of course, no film that has been nominated for ‘Best Foreign Film’ has managed to win the statue in the main category.

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

The expected third film by Barry Jenkins has fallen in love with the critics at its Toronto premiere. We all looked forward to the return of the director of ‘Moonlight’ to the address, and the Canadian festival has been just behind ‘Green Book’, that is, one step away from winning the grand prize. Although it may be against him that ‘Moonlight’ won only a couple of years ago. The nomination is almost certain … but from there to win the Oscar, there is a long way to go. In fact, it is deflating a lot since Torono.

‘The Mule’

Clin Eastwood, surprisingly, has also joined the Oscar race catching us all on the wrong foot. The preview of the release of his new film to December makes it fully enter all the pools … or so we thought because the veteran director’s film has not yet achieved a single nomination in any prize. It seems that the late premiere will play against him, but Clint should never be buried.

‘First Man’

Even before its premiere, it was already spoken of as the favorite to win the most coveted prize in the world of cinema. But the premiere of the film did not excite what was expected and some controversy on how to present the facts could play against him in the face of raising the statuette. Will Damien Chazelle be again at the gates?


Spike Lee has one of the strangest careers of film directors of the last 30 years. Despite having won an Honorary Oscar in 2015, Spike Lee wants more. He wants the big prize for one of his films, and this could be his year. ‘Welcome to KKKlan’ could be the big cover of this Oscar delivery. Its premiere at Cannes excited, and its criticism against Trump’s policies (and against the prevailing racism in the United States) could play both for and against.

‘Black Panther’

When, from Disney, they insisted that they would campaign for ‘Black Panther’ to arrive at the Oscars, many put their hands to their heads. Many others laughed. And now, all those are hidden since the Marvel movie has been cast among the nominees for ‘Best Film’ in the Golden Globes. It may be an isolated event and stay there, but this surprise makes us take it into account, just in case, right?

Oscar 2019 Nominations for The Best Director

Oscar 2019 Live Streaming
Oscar 2019 Live Streaming

Alfonso Cuaron

One of the favorites. Alfonso Cuarón has already been nominated 6 times for the Oscar, although only one as a director, who also won, for his space epic ‘Gravity’. In addition, he has emerged victorious from the Golden Globes with the prize under his belt. The Mexican director has turned so much to this project about his childhood that he became obsessed with recreating all his memories to the smallest detail, and has even taken over the direction of photography since Lubezki, his usual collaborator is dedicated to another project that clashed with the filming of this. The recreation is spectacular and the taste for detail is seen in each shot of this film shot in black and white.

Bradley Cooper

A nomination that is given for sure thanks to the hype that has been created around the movie. Cooper manages to provide a vibrant emotion to Ally’s story and her handling of the camera and every moment seems to play in her favor.

Spike Lee

The director born in Atlanta has always been a virtuous, courageous, committed director, and it is a sure value, especially thanks to his return to the front page for his work and not for several polemics. Although it has never been nominated, the Academy can break a spear in favor of the African-American director and reconcile with someone who accused them of being less than racist with the famous #oscarssowhite campaign.

Yorgos Lanthimos

The Greek director has never been nominated in the category of Best Director, although he has had nominations for Best Screenplay for ‘Lobster’ and Best Foreign Film with ‘Canino’. The vintage film that is ‘The Favorite’ could win him nominations, especially for his spectacular cast, but also for his good work behind the camera, something that we have seen on rare occasions.

Adam McKay

His ‘Vice’ has entered the race late … or just in time. Your nomination in the script section is given for sure. The next step is to reach the highest, that is, the ‘Best Director’. Maybe this is the definitive step of the filmmaker so that the critics take it more seriously?

Clint Eastwood

Good Clint is smarter than hunger. If he managed to sneak ‘The Sniper’ in the race, why not do it with his new movie ‘The Mule’? It sounds goodbye, it sounds like ‘goodbye’, it sounds like a great masterpiece that will leave us sad and melancholy. Eastwood does not need to prove anything at this point, but he could get away with his third Oscar as a director, right?

Oscar 2019 Nominations for the Best Actor

Oscar 2019 Live

Christian Bale for ‘Vice’

The British actor is one of the best (and most recognized) of his generation. Each film he makes is news, and the prizes are there: he won the Oscar for ‘The Fighter’ and has been nominated twice before. In the film ‘The vice of power’ is completely unrecognizable under layers of latex, playing former vice-president Dick Cheney, the most powerful vice president considered in the history of the United States. The Academy loves above all a good biopic … and if the actor in question is transformed for it, much more. His victory in the Golden Globes places him as a clear favorite for, not only the nominations but the final victory.

Rami Malek for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

His victory in the Golden Globes places him on all bets to be nominated for the Oscars, but he has a tough contender in the omnipresent figure of Christian Bale. Performing characters known to the general public is always a double-edged sword and could play both for and against the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ performer.

Robert Redford for ‘The old man and the gun’

Which will be Robert Redford’s last big role, and everyone agrees on something: it’s a great farewell, as it reminds us of everything we like about Redford. Charismatic, presence, mob scenes … all that and more say of his famous performance. The nomination is taken for granted because the Academy has always liked a good farewell. In fact, it is something that they owe him since he has only been nominated once as an actor, for the already distant ‘El Golpe’.

Bradley Cooper for ‘A Star is Born’

Not only stands out his good work behind the camera but his brilliant performance in ‘Has born a star’, about a singer with strong addictions, and how he is dragged into a spiral of self-destruction. In addition, he sings and very well. Bradley is an actor that falls well to everyone, and above all, to the members of the Academy, who has nominated him 3 times, for ‘The good side of things’, losing against the Lincoln of Daniel Day-Lewis, for ‘The great American scam’ (it was taken by Jared Leto) and ‘The Sniper’, although on that occasion it was taken by Eddie Redmayne. That is, nominated 3 times in a space of 6 years. Could it be time to give him his first prize?

Viggo Mortensen for ‘Green Book’ 

One of the covered this year. Viggo has insisted on leaving the circle of blockbusters after ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and, thanks to that, he is giving us interpretations of great caliber in almost all his projects. Just two years ago, we saw him among the nominees for the wonderful ‘Captain Fantastic’. But the criticism highlights this last role for being one of the funniest and most comic of his career. Mortensen is seen in his sauce, enjoying the beautiful, and his chemistry with Mahershala Ali is undeniable. I said: the big cap this year.

Clint Eastwood for ‘The Mule’

The veteran Eastwood has never won the Oscar for Best Actor despite giving us wonderful performances throughout his career. Yes, he has been nominated twice, for ‘Sin Perdón’ (lost to Al Pacino) and for ‘Million Dollar Baby’ (won by Jamie Foxx for ‘Ray’). Maybe this is your year? There are still months but, for now, there is no clear favorite in the race of the awards, and this farewell of the mythical actor could win him his first Oscar in interpretation.

Steve Carell for ‘Beautiful boy’

Steve Carell has been demonstrating for years that he is a very versatile actor and, although he was born in comedy, he has not stayed in that field much less. If he was already nominated for an Oscar for his excellent performance in ‘Foxcatcher’, critics place him as safe in the pools for Best Actor this year. His interpretation as the father of Timothée Chalamet is taken care of, sincere and visceral. In fact, it steals all the scenes in which it appears.

Ryan Gosling for ‘First Man’

Gosling is always an added value to any film in which he participates. His rough and cold expression has always led him to interpret introspective characters and complicated to decipher, but the Academy has always shown a predilection for him (nominated for both ‘La La Land’ and ‘Half Nelson’.) Although Chazelle’s film He is counting on the full support of the critics as in his previous works, Ryan stands out as an interpreter of Neil Armstrong, although the controversy that is surrounding the tape may go against their possibilities to get the statuette.

Oscar 2019 Nominations for the Best actress

Oscar 2019 Predictions
Oscar 2019 Predictions

Olivia Colman for ‘The favorite’

One of the things in which all the criticism about the film coincides is the brilliant performance of Colman, who steals each scene in which it appears. Initially it was going to be presented for Best Secondary Actress (in which it seemed to start as a favorite), but the strategy of the producer seems to finally go another way, mainly due to two factors: that Olivia won the Venice prize for Best Actress ( although there is no category of Secondary Actress in the festival); and that Rachel Weisz has been announced as Best Supporting Actress by the Hollywood Film Awards. And it seems that the strategy works: Olivia has just won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy / Musical Actress.

Glenn Close for ‘The Wife’

The Academy has a pending task with Glenn Close. It has been nominated 6 times (3 of them, in consecutive years) but has never managed to take the cat to the water. One of the best actresses of a generation that has given us women of the caliber of Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren or Diane Keaton, is the only one who does not have the Oscar on his bookshelf. The problem is that the film is a little loose and that has made it lose whole, besides having been released at several festivals last 2017 (although its premiere in theaters is this year). But his surprising victory in the Golden Globes has just placed her in all the pools to win, at last, the grand prize of her career.

Nicole Kidman for ‘Destroyer’

All the bets focused on her. The interpretation that gives us in ‘Destroyer’ is so visceral and hard that it gives everything. Nicole, at this point, has nothing to prove but is still committed to it, and her Oscar is almost certainly given. She is the movie. But his ninguneo in the Balloons has turned on the alarms.

Emily Blunt for ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Who was going to tell us that, more than 40 years later, we would see the magical nanny again at the top? And not Emma Thompson, not even Julie Andrews. No. Emily Blunt. The same one that made us fall in love with ‘The Salmon Fishing in Yemen’ and showed us how hard it can become in ‘Al filo del mañana’ has been the perfect signing for this new installment of the adventures of Mary Poppins. And the criticism agrees. Will he reissue the victory of Julie Andrews?

Lady Gaga for ‘A star is born’

Lady Gaga could be another of those surprises that the Academy likes so much. The New York artist, who has decided to take a step further in her career and try her luck in the world of acting, is dazzling the critics. Although her nomination in the field of Best Song is taken for granted, seeing her among the best performers could be a definitive accolade to her leap to acting. Her character, Ally, is charismatic and … made for her, like a finger ring. His magnetism and emotion pierce the screen.

Melissa McCarthy for ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’

McCarthy was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her hilarious character in ‘The Wedding of My Best Friend’, and her performance in ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ as the writer, Lee Israel could give her another new nomination. Being her first serious leading role, the actress gives us samples of the great performer she is, and could be the last to fill the line of nominations for this year as Best Actress.

Julia Roberts for ‘Ben is back’

Julia Roberts is an actress who, at this point, has nothing to prove. His interpretation of the mother of a drug-addicted son (played by Lucas Hedges), is one of those performances that deserve to be seen again and again because, in 90 minutes, it goes through all the emotions that a human being can have. The criticism agrees: it had never been so good since ‘Erin Brockovich’ … the film that gave him his only Oscar. But it seems that for the Golden Globes has not been enough. Of course, Julia should never be discarded.

Toni Collette for ‘Hereditary’

It could be one of the surprises of this year. The silent and restless film of debutant Ari Aster has been one of the successes of the season in terms of the horror genre, working very well thanks to word of mouth. Collete is a great actress quite forgotten by the awards but who always gives everything. Its versatility is commendable and, in this film, it gives us, once again, its wide interpretive range. In addition, he has already won a Gotham Award for his performance in this modern horror film. But her absence in the Golden Globes has pushed her to the end of the pools.

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