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100+ Happy New Year Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Status

Happy New Year Wishes Best wishes for messages, quotes, poetry, Whatsapp status Happy New Year Wishes in New Year SMS, Happy New Year Quotes, Happy New Year Shayari, Facebook, and WhatsApp Status Collection.

Happy New Year Wishes for Messages

Share it with you all. Sent to your friends and relatives. Share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter On the first day of the new year, there is a different significance of wishing everyone or giving good luck. This day is a nice and great beginning day. In this way, we send Happy New Year messages to our friends sitting away, to friends, on Greetings, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+.

This beautiful message brings happiness to your loved ones and together you get good messages on many SMS or Social Media. The year will be old for us and the year will come with a new feeling. Copy these Best Happy New Year Wishes below and share them on your social networking website. If you wish, these New Year Happy Shayari, Happy New Year Shayari Hindi messages can also cross Twitter from our website.

New Year Happy Messages, Quotes, Shayari, Whatsapp Status Happy New Year Wishes in Hindi like Quotes, Shayari, SMS, WhatsApp Status

Happy New Year Quotes Shayri in Hindi New Year Suhakamya Shayari

New Year Shubhakamya Shayari, Happy New Year Shayari Hindi Share this with you all. Sent to your friends and relatives. Share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter.

  • We live in your heart,
    all the pain is with you,
    no one wishes us before you,
    so, first of all, you say Happy New Year.
    Happy New Year
  • Keeping this relationship unchanged, keeping the
    memories of the memories in the heart is a
    a very beautiful journey,
    just like that in.
    Happy New Year.
  • Happy New Year!
    Chamba is like the month of Phagun like you !!
    Do not fall in your life!
    This is the friend’s tamma !!
  • What gift do I give to Papa today?
    Give gifts to flowers or to Gulab?
    Which is the most lovable in my life ..
    I will give you my life only
    Happy New Year, Papa
  • Come on, zoom in, new year,
    bring happiness, thousand happiness, be
    happy you all,
    Happy New Year you

  • Another new night of life,
    the new year is your arrows in heart; you have a sense of jean
    -e-Jan, you are
    a question of your eyes, you wait till today we are still
    alive, there is another new life, new year
  • Let all your gum be happy,
    open all your secrets in front of you,
    do not speak to me before,
    therefore thought why not today,
    you should say Happy New Year! .. !!!!
  • Comes  every year, goes every year
    , this year you get
    all that your heart wants,
    the new year wishes
  • I do not want to be crowned …
    No world wants the rule … !!!
    In the year,
    there is such a demand that no poor starving should be eaten by God … !!!!

Best One Line Quotes, SMS, WhatsApp Status for Happy New Year Best New Year Messages

  • New Year, new hopes, new ideas and new beginning God will be your every reality! Happy New Year!
  • This year is the best for you, and God will make you more successful. With the same duaa you Happy New Year wishes
  • Every time the New Year comes, we pray that you will get all this year that wants your heart. Happy New Year!
  • May God bless you this year; Whatever you want, come to you! You do not have a single bachelor in the new year; Your mother-in-law can take your relationship! Happy New Year!
  • You will come to the new year of Khuda Karo which you want to come to you, you will not be able to spend the whole year. Your mother-in-law should come and take a relationship with you. New year greetings.
  • You must have gone through the heart of thousands of years now, this same duaa should get out of the way, before that time, when Jog came out of his life. Happy New Year Happy New Year …

 Happy New Year Quotes in Hindi

  • Where you go from there to Fly All Tear,
    admit to you, your dear, your every way is always clear, and God will give you a Jakkas New Year!
  • In this new year,
    whatever you wish, you are yours,
    beautiful and nights are illuminated every day,
    Happy New Year, my man!
  • I will give you my love, I will give you the magic zapi,
    four such cuts will be lost without life, Annie Risk
    , with this hope, Wish you a … Vani Happy New Year.
  • This will be showered with happiness in the New Year
    ‘s nights filled day and love love
    Rnjise Nfrte to erase it forever
    just wants that in the hearts of all
  • “Keeping this relationship unchanged, keeping the light
    of the memories in the heart is a
    very sweet journey,
    just like that in.
    Happy New Year..”

  • “We live in your heart,
    all the pain is with you,
    no one wishes you before us, so first of all you
    say Happy New Year.
    happy New Year…”
  • “Flowers will blossom, beauty will be seen in Gulshan, the sweets of the
    past will be with sweet memories,
    come together and celebrate the celebration. The new year’s laughter will be happy, on
    the first morning of the new year will bring joy to countless.
    happy New Year…”
  • Everyone is in love with everyone;
    Come visit us with the hope that every day is a festival of happiness,
    all the gum,
    New Year, we all do Wellcome.
    happy New Year..”
  • ” Take the fragrance of the rose, the
    the first day is the
    the joy of the new year “

Happy New Year Messages for Lover, friends, family

  • Forget the years gone by,
    let’s adopt this new year,
    do we do the Lord of the bow, bow down,
    be all your dreams!
    Happy New Year
  • I forgot tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
    come tomorrow,
    laugh and laugh, whatever moment,
    happiness will come tomorrow!
    Best wishes for the new year
  • On the step-by-step flower blossom,
    happiness brings you so much,
    never have to face the sadness of
    doing, we wish we all wished!
    New year piles sari good luck4. This morning of the new year,
    just happiness
    brings joy, eradicate all the darkness of mind,
    every moment just illuminate!
    Just succeed in New Year
  •  The new year has become light,
    open the lock of your fate,
    always stay on meheraban above
    , I pray, I want you, Happy New Year. They do this in the future, do
    not do what they do, they also
    believe in the happiness of the coming new year,
    we celebrate this year’s memories of the past!
    Happy New Year
  • In this new year, whatever you wish, it is yours,
    every day beautiful and nights illuminated, your
    kamyabashi is always pleasant, you always
    do, we pray like this! Happy new year

  •  In New Year’s Pawan Bella,
    this is auspicious message,
    every day comes in your life,
    happiness is special!
    Happy New Year
  •  New morning with the new ray, New day with a lovely smile,
    Happy New Year
    , with a lot of dues! Happy New Year
  •  The old year is going to be the most distant,
    what is to do is celebrate nature,
    do not be sad by remembering past memories.

Happy New Year Quotes


  •  New excitement, new living, new wave, new desire,
    new frenzy, everything is good,
    new happiness,
    new year , new year Happy wishes
  • Happy New Year, Happy New Year , Repeat You
  •  In everyone’s hearts, love for everyone, the
    coming of the festival of happiness every day , come with
    this hope, forget all the gum,
    New Year All of us do Welcome
  •  All people believe you are Dear,
    every day of your day All Clear,
    God will give you this time New Year
  •  Have a
    lot of persecutions for the world,
    he is! Arz is ……
    very persecution Sitm, the world
    swear by the Lord has this year also finished!
    Happy new year
  •  Keeping this relationship as such, keeping the
    memories of memories in the heart,
    the very cute and good trip was,
    keep it with you in too! Happy New Year

  •  Gulshan happy to Gul,
    moonlight to moon,
    shayari to shayari,
    you from us! 2020 Happy New Year
  •  The moon in the sky is in your arms,
    you are in your way, you
    are full of joy, which is in your eyes, the
    brightness of happiness is in your hands! happy new year
  • It is a new year, in
    this new year, wish
    to keep all this happy,
    which is poor air pennies, make it useless,
    eradicate the country’s corruption, and make the country great!
    Happy new year
  • New Year’s most glorious light is sweet hope!
  • “Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”
  • Cheers to a new upcoming year and another chance to make new right decisions.
  • The character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.
  • “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
  • For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.

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