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Jason Momoa Resurrects Khal Drogo as ‘SNL’ Honors Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

Jason Momoa Resurrects Khal Drogo: After his fateful outcome in the first season of Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo has returned from the dead, but he has not done so to appear in the expected final installment of the fiction. The actor Jason Momoa has retaken his character, this time to star in a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Jason Momoa Resurrects Khal Drogo

The sketch, titled ‘Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo’shows the character and one of his Blood Riders talking to other characters who have been killed in the HBO fiction. Hodor, played by Beck Bennett, is the first guest host of the night, but his visit is short because, as in the series, his vocabulary is somewhat limited.

Then comes the Supreme Sparrow, who claims to be proud of having agreed to heaven. “I’m so happy to have abandoned sex for 50 years,” says the character.

However, Khal Drogo says that his experience is a bit different: “I have sex when I want, with lots of people”. “And we both end up in the same sky,” says the Supreme Sparrow. “Great, it almost makes you question religion,” he jokes.

Although not dead, Brienne de Tarth, who plays Heidi Gardner, also makes a brief appearance in a moment of the skit centered on Kevin Hart, who resigned as an Oscar presenter after they came to light homophobic tweets.

“Khal needs to learn from Khal’s mistakes or I will never win the Oscar, I will never present the Oscars,” says Drogo.

Of course, the meeting of the deceased of Game of Thrones would not be complete without King Joffrey, this time embodied by Kate McKinnon. “Let me boo, I love it,” he says. “They just can not stand all this, I feed on those who hate me.”

Although it is not a new episode of Game of Thronesthe intervention of Momoa on Saturday Night Live is a fun appetizer for fans, who will have to wait until April 2019 to see the eighth and final season.

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