Home News A Cafeteria in Tokyo Uses Robots as Waiters Operated Remotely by the Disabled

A Cafeteria in Tokyo Uses Robots as Waiters Operated Remotely by the Disabled

A cafeteria in Tokyo Uses Robots In Japan that robots have expanded to many areas, such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and hotels. Now, a cafeteria is trying to use them as a means to employ disabled people who can not leave the house.

Cafeteria in Tokyo Uses Robots

The idea seems noble. The cafeteria offers work to people who can not leave home to look for a job and give them some economic solvency, they receive a salary of 9 dollars per hour.

The robots are operated by people who suffer from a disease that limits their movements, such as spinal cord injuries or progressive neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. At first, it was expected that the robots would be supported in the homes of these people because they have an interface that can be used by a tablet that works with the movement of the eyes.

Cafeteria in Tokyo Uses Robots

The robots measure 1.20 meters and weigh about 20 kilograms, have a camera, a speaker and sensors to avoid obstacles. The information is transmitted in real time to the tablet through the Internet, and thus the person can observe everything around them, chat with customers and transport objects.

Here is a video to see what the service is like:

It is expected that the cafeteria will be officially opened in Tokyo by 2020, the year in which the next Olympic Games will take place.

For now, the pilot test continues to analyze the performance of people who use the robot remotely and the reaction of customers. If you are interested, the cafeteria is located in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

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