Marcy Diamond Elite Smith – Best Home Gym Reviews 2019

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith: The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is basically an entry-level design of Marcy Diamond home gym equipment that allows users to perform all basic exercises using single equipment. The interesting thing about this is that it is a smooth pulley system and linear bearings in its carriage. This home gym model that cost around eight hundred dollars has a seven-degree carriage using multiple catch points and attachments for performing cable exercises. The design is also integrated with a bench and a leg developer. Compare reviews at AMA.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith

Best Home Gym Reviews – Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Features:

  • Six Olympic size plate storage dowels
  • Double action leg developer
  • 8 positions bar adjustment stops
  • Six hundred pounds maximum rack weights
  • Multi – function Bench (inclusive of preacher pad)
  • Curl and row station
  • Two years warranty on parts

Product Accessories

  • Lateral bar
  • Shiver bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Triceps rope
  • V-bar (chromed)
  • Single handle

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Conclusion:

Although the weights for this gym are sold separately, most of its features and product specs are worth your money. This is one of the few home gyms that use linear bearings that provide smooth delivery and comfortable weight lifting on the bench. This is one remarkable upgrade from bushings that makes Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System a lot more durable and smooth running compared to similar types of home gyms in the market that still use bushings. This also has ¾ inch nylon pulley together with sealed ball bearing and two thousand pounds tensile strength steel aircraft cable. The tough industrial grade tubular steel frame has a seven degree angle and an industrial grade bar with safety stops. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System comes complete with basic accessories including a multi function bench with integrated preacher curl pad and leg developer.

The only downside to this is the instructions. Unless you can have the home gym delivered to in a pre-assembled state, it can take you several hours (worse up to eight hours) before you can fully assemble the equipment particularly if you have no one to assist you. You have to match different parts and since about one hundred separate parts do not have labels, it will certainly take you a couple of hours just to identify what is what.

The only consolidation is that each part is unique to one another so it will not be difficult to match the piece but sorting it out of one hundred different parts is an entirely different story. There are some home gyms that have been pre-assembled before packaging and all you need to do is find the bolts, study the diagram and in a couple of hours, you have a fully functioning home gym. But if the manufacturers of Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System could have included labels in every part, everything could have been a lot easier.

Aside from the instruction, everything about Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is good for the money and worth the time for assembling it even if it takes eight hours or so. Compare reviews at AMA

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