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Christmas Balls Decoration of Christmas Trees

Christmas Balls Decoration: The balls are essential in all Christmas trees. They take a lot of shades like the ones mentioned above (gold, ocher, metallic, blue) but also, if you have to choose one with which you hardly need much more to decorate, I would recommend you without a doubt the white ones. In Leroy Merlin, they have white balls with bright patterns like these that you see above.

Christmas Balls Decoration

Christmas Balls Decoration
Christmas Balls Decoration

The most classic Christmas trees, the ones that never go out of style. Decor in red, green, gold and white tones would be nothing without the traditional Christmas balls. If you are looking for the ones that take more this year,  also bet on the colors but with details like these that we see above.

In fact, I recommend that you do with balls like the one you see here. An assortment of various colors with which you will get your Christmas tree to acquire a special brightness.

The balls in golden Christmas also never fail, but also carry a lot this year in combination with other pendants or decorative elements that can be of another tone. Try hanging balls of different sizes and you will see how your tree acquires different dimensions in itself.

All that are balls in matte tones and at the same time bright, will also devastate this Christmas. In this way, we can buy them in the color we want but always making sure that they have details as we see above, whether they are drawings, stripes or what I say the matt effect or the shiny effect (maybe with glitter). With this, you will achieve that your tree is the most modern of all.

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