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When the Great Battle of the Game of Thrones 8th Season Will Be Held: “A Historic Moment on TV”

We already know when the great battle of the of the Game of Thrones 8th season will be held: “A historic moment on TV”The numerous images that have leaked from the filming of Game of Thrones have revealed that the eighth season will be full of great battles. Now it has also confirmed Vladimír Furdík, the actor who gives life to the King of the Night, who has ensured that the third episode will focus on the epic confrontation.

Great Battle of the of Game of Thrones 8th Season

“In the third episode of the last season there is a battle that the creators want to be a historic moment on television, almost the whole episode will be about the battle, it will last about an hour,” the actor revealed in an interview for the Hungarian publication. Sorozak Wiki.

The shooting of the sequence lasted 55 nights and Peter Dinklage already announced that this scene will make the Battle of the Bastards “look like an amusement park”.

However, the battle will not be the only thing that appears in the chapter but will be interspersed with the stories of different characters fighting for their own survival. “Having the biggest battle does not really sound exciting, it sounds pretty boring,” said David Benioff.

Furdík did not give details about who will be made with the Iron Throne, although he assured that it will be “an incredible surprise”. “There will be no shortage in the eighth season, ” said the actor about the unexpected script changes that the next episodes bring.

“It will be interesting to see what David Benioff has prepared for the grand final, but I can not say more about that,” the interpreter dropped. The scene was filmed in Toome, Northern Ireland, a village located in the northwest of the country that they usually use to film sequences set in Winterfell.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO with its eighth and final season in April 2019. In Spain, the new episodes will also be available on Movistar +.


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