Home News The US Deports Colombian Drug Trafficker Accused of Supporting the FARC

The US Deports Colombian Drug Trafficker Accused of Supporting the FARC

Colombian Drug Trafficker Accused of Supporting: Colombian drug trafficker José Evaristo Linares Castillo considered “the worst of the worst” among narcotics traffickers, was deported to his country after serving part of his sentence in the US

 Colombian Drug Trafficker
Officers of the Immigration and Customs Control Service of the United States, ICE, for its acronym in English.

NEW YORK authorities immigration in the US ( ICE ) announced Monday it deported to Colombian drug trafficker Jose Evaristo Linares Castillo, accused of supporting the FARC, after serving part of their sentence in the country.

Linares, who was deported to Colombia on November 26, is considered “the worst of the worst” among narcotics traffickers and was on the list of the most wanted in 2013, according to a statement released by the head of ICE in New York, Thomas R. Decker.

The drug trafficker supervised the manufacture and transportation of thousands of kilograms of narcotics from Venezuela to Central America and the Caribbean, for which he used numerous lieutenants and independent subcontractors who carried the drug produced in their laboratories in Colombia.

The organization of Linares, 53, had about 20,000 kilos of cocaine, which he hid in Apure (Venezuela), near clandestine areas controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), from where he chartered planes loaded with drugs.

The story of the drug trafficker with the US Justice goes back to 2011 when he was charged in Florida for drug trafficking and money laundering. In 2012 he was arrested in Colombia and extradited to the US to face a judicial process.

Three years later, he was prosecuted in New York for drug trafficking, narco-terrorism, and support for terrorist organizations, in reference to the FARC. He was convicted in 2016 for conspiring to import cocaine and other crimes, for which he was sentenced to 100 months in prison with credit while serving in that country and in Colombia.


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