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Scientists Find a Seal With an Eel Hanging on Its Nose

Scientists Find a Seal With an Eel: Imagine the scene where the investigators found themselves when they saw a Hawaiian monk seal with an eel hanging on its nose. One of the strangest, weirdest and disgusting phenomena. The most incredible thing is that he is not the only one, what happens?

Scientists Find a Seal With an Eel

On the official Facebook page of the Monk Seal Research Program in Hawaii, they posted an image of a seal with an eel on its nose. In the publication, they clarified that they had removed the eels from the noses of the seals and that they were unharmed, although the same could not be said of the eels.

On Wednesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA) reported that these incidents had been observed three or four times, but that it has been relatively new for some years. “We do not know if this is just a strange statistical anomaly or something that we will see more in the future,” he said.

What Happens?

The NOAA researchers do not know exactly how it happened. But monk seals may have put their mouths and noses in the cracks of coral reefs, under rocks or in the sand. They look for prey that they like to hide, such as eels. Maybe an eel would feel cornered trying to defend itself or escape, then the seal swallowed it and regurgitated it from the wrong side. Although there is no way to know.

In 2016 another incident was recorded. The researchers wrote on Facebook that they noticed that a male seal made a strange sound with each breath.

Then they took out an eel about 60 centimeters long from their nose and said “it was amazing because only about 5 centimeters were hanging from the nose before the extraction … It was like a magician trick pulling a rope out of his somber”. But no blood came out when they removed the eel, explains the 2016 publication.


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